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AD&D 2nd Edition Character Sheet Lost Design

AD&D 2nd Edition Character Sheet Lost Design

All my 2nd edition character sheets are looking really weird. I asked a few friends and they are having the same problem. Did anything happened? If this thread is not in the correct place I apologyze.

That's strange, how long has it been like that?

Also, can you link the sheet in question, I had to create one to check it out, it'll save the next person from needing to do the same.

Yes, they will all look the same. I don't know if another admin has been working in that area but for some reason part of the layout doesn't appear to be getting loaded, or is loading the wrong styles.

We'll look in to it.

It appears that this problem doesn't occur in Firefox, does in Chrome and Opera.

I've looked at the code and can't see anything obvious that would cause this. One path I tried was looking for a missing semicolon that Firefox is more robust about handling than the others but no luck.

Have you changed browser recently? Can you state with certainty that it has worked in your current browser at some point and doesn't now? (Not sure how this helps, just looking for any and all info I can get ATM).

Just like to throw out there that I have the funky format problem in Chrome and IE (both latest releases), and an older version of IE (7).

Update: Works fine in Firefox, though some may not like having to install a web browser just for that sheet.

Man. I've only seen the "offset" version until I just looked at it via Firefox. Firefox definitely looks better and aligned well.
I have IE 8.0 and no change from when I had 6.0


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