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Some Feats

Yes, Speed definitely has an effect there. But the fact is, TWF wouldn't benefit from Speed as much since each single attack does less damage.

And I trust you didn't actually exchange the Speed enhancement for some other enhancement. You simply removed it. In that case you are comparing two styles with one using a much weaker weapon -- Speed is a hefty +3 enhancement bonus after all.

I did make an additional check at a lower level without a Greatsword of Speed. In that case TWF damage was higher, but again, not by a lot. Nothing to be excited about, since the style requires a feat to use and using a Greatsword does not.
For example:

Right, so after a couple of additional checks weapons of Wounding can tilt the scale a little, as would some abilities that deal extra damage besides Sneak Attack. As such, I have reconsidered removing the -2/-2 penalty from fighting with a light weapon in the off hand -- you will need an additional feat to do this. The feats remain merged.

these look real similar to Two-Weapon Defence and the other TW-style feats...

then again, that just means they look really appealing

Has anyone used these?

Well, yes, my goal was mainly to make TWF a better fighting style. Also, I thought parrying could be a cool thing you could do.

But no, these feats have no been play-tested. They seem to work out mathematically, though.

I have been busy.. but I think I might have time to try it out this weekend and see.

Otherwise, it'll be next week.


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