Recruitment Drive for One Piece!

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Recruitment Drive for One Piece!

One Piece - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 3e

Wealth, Fame, Power.

The man who acquired everything in this world, the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. The final words that were said at his execution, sent people to the seas.

"My wealth and treasures? If you want it, I'll let you have it. Look for it, I left it all in that place."

Men now, chasing their dreams, head towards the Grand Line.

The world now enters a Great Age of Pirates!

Tone of the GameOne Piece is a whacky, dramatic, fantasy world of epic portions. Where great pirates are the equivalent of Supers, hence why I will be using the 2nd Edition of Mutant & Masterminds and some of its supplement. A flexible point base RPG system. If you can imagine it, it is possible.

The PlayersI'm looking for heroic characters that are looking for adventure, treasure, and chasing their dreams. Also, team players, I'm not looking for the lone wolf who can do everything, because, well, you can't. That's why you join a crew.

To apply to this game, before anything, have access to the book. It's very important that you acquire the core book by some means. Next, have a concept. What do you look like? Did you eat a devil fruit? What is your skill set? Do you use a weapon? Do you have a bad sense of direction? Important questions that deserve a well thought out answer. You don't need to make a sheet until you are accepted into the game. Finally, tie it all together with the backstory. Where you came from, who raised you, who taught you what, things like that need to be answered. A well thought out and written backstory can make a big difference. No haki user are permitted at this time.

When one is accepted the rules for character creation will be posted in the game thread.

There are two active crews. The Pinstripe Pirates lead by Ryan D. "The Suit" Syrus and The Virtuoso Pirates lead by "Visionary" Ree.

Pinstripe Positions
Filled positions are...
  • Captain - Ryan D. "The Suit" Syrus, ??? ??? Fruit - ???
  • Cook - "Godspeed" Marshall D. Vice, Zoom Zoom Fruit - Superspeed
  • Musician - "Puppy Eyes" Shiron, Fox-Fox Fruit: Model Nine Tails - Mythical Beast
  • Doctor - Bahari

Virtuoso Positions
Filled positions are...
  • Captain - "Visionary" Ree - Art Art Fruit - Animate Drawings
  • Navigator - "Wind Dancer" Winnie - Storm Storm Fruit - Weather Control
  • Gunmen/Inventor - Andrew "Steam-Engine" Jones - Steam Steam - Steam Man

Sharpshooter - "Labyrinth" Zini - Wall Wall Fruit - Wall Creation
Doctor - Midou Shingo
Shipwright - Judai Hikuosu - Weight Weight Fruit - Small Scale Gravity Control
Doctor - "Hell Garden" Camohin Eden - Flower Flower Fruit - Living Garden
Cook or Musician - Katie Elenoora - Herc Herc Fruit - Super Strength
Musician/Sharpshooter/Crafter - Mary Collette Bell
Gunner - Masti the Jet
Gunman - Trittiak the Gun-Man - Gun Gun Fruit - Gun Man
Tactician - Vincent "The Four Shots of" Whiskey
Jack Of All Trades/Shipwright - Eric "Halfhanded" Wright
Navigator/Cook - Hermione Wingfield
Craftsmen/Scholar - Deimos "The Reaper" Argyros
Swordsmen/Tactician - "Devil Count" Julian Erasis
Shipwright - Wes - Cat-Cat Fruit, Model: Tiger
Musician/Scholar - Elise Chausperg
Cook/Artist - "Red Rivers" D'Amore - Time Time Fruit - Limited control of time and space.
Shipwright - Kubo
Theif - Lenny 'The Mirror Bandit' Goodwin - Mirror Mirror Fruit

These are subject to change in the near and far future.

Game Description:

Wealth, Fame, Power.

The man who acquired everything in this world, the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. The final words that were said at his execution, sent people to the seas.

"My wealth and treasures? If you want it, I'll let you have it. Look for it, I left it all in that place."

Men now, chasing their dreams, head towards the Grand Line.

The world now enters a Great Age of Pirates!

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I have a character just for this . I can't seem to find the PL though.

Arudin might be familiar with my character

Mary Collette Bell, The Solemn Gunslinging Orchestra

Applying for musician/sharpshooter in either crew. Maybe can be the crafter in a pinch.

That is only one of the crews though and that he is a Fishman not Merman

Hmmmm... Would a giant seaweed net do the trick for rescuing hapless devil fruit users? I'm pretty sure the plants made by the devil fruit wouldn't be affected by seawater.

Edit: Or for long falls I can make a boat before they land in the water...

Name: Masti, the Jet
Race: Fishmen (reef squid)

Its a start. I'm running on little sleep at the moment so forgive me if i ramble...alot.

bloodrever, thanks for the Force Field tip! Selective attack does allowe me to choose which targets are affected, but it won't allow me to pile up the cubes for maximum throwing height.

EDIT: I think I'm done with the sheet. Can I use it, even though Blackbeard kind of has a gravity power already?

Mighty fine character LoreForged, but you might be a bit short on limbs to be a proper squid. Was this intentional or an oversight?

Also, I understand that you were asking for 12 players, does this include the 6 starting amount or was it 12 additional?

Edit: Also, while my character could theoretically fill a shipwright spot in the Pinstripe Pirates, I'm liking the Virtuoso Pirates a bit better, because the idea of leaving every island in ecological ruins after we leave, between the weather control and overgrowth of non-native and possibly hazardous plant life amuses me oh so very much. That and the character is more of a doctor then shipwright, as while he has enough skill to whip up a fully functional galleon as a standard action without too much trouble, it would still be a sub-standard (no apologies for the pun) ship. I'm not really worried, the only other doctor applicant's concept has been nixed so if no one else applies in that spot I'm nearly assured to secure it.

I'd happily join up with either crew, but I get the feeling that Zini's carnival suits would horribly clash with the sharp (I'm assuming) looks of the Pinstripe Pirates. A few of said suits have stripes, if that helps :P

Also, I've edited his app to add his goals, and a tweak to the backstory so the crew can come to him and not vice-versa.

If anyone's interested in looking at my sheet here it is, it's almost done, just need to fill in his minion list. I know I'm not privy to the creation details just yet, but it's PL 10 and anything more exotic about the guidelines can be changed. If anyone spots an error or just something I may of forgotten to include, please say something.

I'm thinking that the +20 toughness modifier is a bit much, despite the zero defense. What do you guys say? Should I swap the defensive roll for some dodge focus?

I'm sure you have enough applications at this point, but I honestly couldn't help myself with this one. I've had this character in mind for a long time and felt compelled to post it after reading Fri's description of Mary Collette Bell, The Solemn Gunslinging Orchestra. I was rather stunned to see a lot of my ideas reflected in that character.

Trittiak, the Gun-Man

The connection between this character and Fri's Mary Bell is the fact that the entire character was designed around a single idea: the phrase "Shotgun Opera". The end result was that all of his attacks are named after the weapon he creates and a musical term of some kind. Examples of which are: Shotgun opera, Pistol note, and Sniper Lyric. I just thought it was a little strange to see similar ideas in different characters... perhaps there's some subconscious connection between firearms and music...

Huh. Yeah, that's exactly my idea as well, naming all of her attack after weapons and musical term of some kind. I guess we received our idea from the same wavelength.

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