Feat's and Skills

Enhanced Healing: This ability allows the person that takes it to heal faster than normal, for a total of +5 hit points a day, in addition to whatever they heal normally.
Prerequisites: Constitution must be above 15. Also must take at level 1.

Weapon Born: Taught from an early age to use melee weapons, these individuals are excellent with any weapons they use, and seem to have a natural grace with them. These that are raised this way receive a Natural +1 to BaB, while using melee weapons.
Prerequisites: Strength must be above 15. Also must take at level 1.

Keen Sight: Seemingly able to hit things at range with anything they touch, these individuals are often archers, and the best at what they do. They always hit their target, from nearly any range, and managed to take down men at a distance that some can barely see. Men and women with this ability receive a Natural +1 to BaB while using ranged weapons.
Prerequisites: Dexterity must be above 15. Also must take at level 1.

Genius: The men and women that were good with numbers, the ones that were hated in school are these. They are keenly intelligent, and are able to do things that normally would not be able to be done. A person with this gift receives +2 bonus on 2 class skills of starting class, with the base of intelligence.
Prerequisites: Intelligence must be above 15. Also must take at level 1.

Charm: These people naturally have good looks, and seem to be able to make people do what they want simple with their voice, and body language. You often find the men and women with this gift leading countries, or well known popular nobles. However, some use it to simply get ahead with the opposite sex. An individual with this ability receives a +2 competence bonus on 2 skills related to Charisma of their starting class.
Prerequisites: Charisma must be above 15. Also must take at level 1.

You can shape your mind blade into different types of weapons.
Prerequisite: the Shape Mind Blade class feature
Benefit: When you take this feat, choose any one simple or martial melee weapon, or any exotic weapon, with which you are already proficient. When you choose the shape of your mind blade, you may form it to have the same statistics as the chosen weapon.
Special: You may take this feats multiple times, each time choosing a different weapon.
A character who chooses "Dagger" with this feat can split his mind blade into two identical daggers, suitable for fighting with a weapon in each hand, just as he can with a short sword (including the reduction of the weapon's enhancement bonus); this mindblade form can only be thrown a number of times per round equal to the number that any other type of mind blade can be throw. A character who chooses "Shuriken" (or equivalent weapon) can throw a number of mindblades per round equal to the number of melee attacks he could make if the soulknife also has the Free Draw ability, but this mindblade form has a 10 foot range increment when throw multiple times per round until the soulknife gains the Multiple Throw class feature, at which point its range increment increases to 50; a soulknife needn't reshape his mindblade to use this form, although any mindblade he was holding at the time dissipates as if her had dropped it. All double weapons have an enhancement bonus 1 lower than the soulknife would otherwise create with a single mind blade.