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Wild Magic Effects

Wild Magic Effects

Ok, new question, can the Magic Effect "Wild" be put onto things like Bracers of Armour. If so, then good, if not, is there anyway to keep the effects of Gloves, bracers, rings & amulets in wildshape?

Anything that can be worn by the form you're turning into remains, as per the Polymorph spell. This usually includes all kinds of Wondrous Items (although they look a bit silly on some forms!) so long as the creature you're shifting into has those body slots.

I.e. so long as you've got arms or similar appendages, you should be able to wear bracers.

Never mind...Wild Shape specifically states that you lose everything. Which is stupid and just asks for a House Rule stating that you should keep equipment as per Polymorph.

Stam, what I'm asking is can you have Wild Bracers of Armour, as the whole point of wild is to keep the bonuses.

Ok, its all moot, the DM ruled that I could put it on them for the normal 9000 cost for it on armour plus 1000 for it being unusual.

A&EG allows for that, but is 3.0. You'd want the +2 Beastskin enhancement from CV instead, since you don't care about ACP and so on. The simplest way to do this is to take off the bracers and put them back on after changing, though.

Thats hardly simple when you are changing into everything from dragon to bear to ooze.

Anyway, this is a good houserule, so its all ok

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