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Adventurer's best friends

Bag of holding and ring of sustenance are definitely the two key items I want in any campaign. For bag of holding, I don't know *where* would stack all sorts of free armor and weapons we haul back to the store. Ring of sustenance was already justified way back in the thread and I hardly need to add to it.

I saw a few creative uses of really cheap items. Feather token (tree) was damn useful. An instant tree basically was an attack spell, as someone flicked it both *under* a dragon (the dragon taking x dmg and being shunted sideways) as well as *into* the dragon's mouth, thus being impaled by a freakin' tree.

Second idea: This one I heard second-hand, but verified as true. A bag of holding filled with dozens of holy water bottles. What happened is someone used telekinesis to hover it over a balor (I think) and then opened it all over the poor wittle demon...

Personally, I really like slippers of spider climbing. Being able to go over all sorts of traps in a dungeon just sort of pays for itself. In addition, it offers plenty of defensive and hiding opportunities to fight in more 3 dimensional terms for most places.

Nice crownguard

As for the water problems, we just hide the hand inside the tunic or get an oil to oint it with. I think I've seen some waterproof oils to put on things...

Other handy thing is the Ring of Animal Friendship. My first DM ruled that if we could charm an animal 3 times in a row, he would be our cohort forever. We managed to get a Dire Wolf this way Pretty cool!!! (the wolf turned on us later, due to some Satyr enchantment, but oh well... it was good while it lasted. )


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