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Beyond the Camp Perimeter

Bishop and his team were moving slowly when he heard the small squelch of his radio, the one he had forgotten to pick up. Looking down it was hooked on the strap of his rifle, dumb luck it had seemed would prevail. Sliding it on he catches the end of Lockley's transmission.

"Yes Sir," He says over the comm, before relaying the same message to his team and making his way towards the LT. His trio make good time towards the LT's position and after a few minutes cross line of site of one of his men. Bishop holds his gun down and away from his body and announces himself if asked, other wise heads straight towards the LT. "On site Sir." He says approaching Lockley.

"Some sort of big cat, sir," the airman reports, but before he can pull the trigger the shadowy form leaps away into the trees and is lost amid the dark boughs. Only a fluttering of snow from the green-needled branches indicates that there was even anything there to begin with.

The security teams join forces, keeping a close watch on the horizon, but the predators seem to have had their fill of mayhem for the day.

Bethany doesn't respond to Kincaid's gentle prodding; she seems utterly shocked by the experience. She doesn't acknowledge the presence of the other two ladies, either, but remains rooted to her spot aside the 'A' monolith.

Major Thorsson

Eileen sighs, shakes her head, and takes a deep breath, keying her radio.
<Thorsson to Medical Tent. Dr. Jenkins is alive and uninjured but unresponsive. Please prepare accordingly. Break. Thorsson to Lockley. Sitrep.>

Lieutenant James Lockley

"LP/OP and body are secure. We have had contact with one other cat creature, but it did not attack. We are in a 360 awaiting the medics." Lockley reports.

Major Thorsson

Originally Posted by Merlana View Post
Sarah stalks over to the radio and grabs it. <Morgan here. Any clue WHY Jenkins is unresponsive? That would sort of help me figure out how to prepare.>
The Major takes a deep breath, then keys her radio again.
<Thorsson to Morgan. I would suspect shock, Dr. Morgan. She was nearly attacked and eaten by one of the creatures, and has been unresponsive since we arrived here. 'Wide-eyed and stock still' sums it up. Break.>

Originally Posted by roadford01 View Post
"LP/OP and body are secure. We have had contact with one other cat creature, but it did not attack. We are in a 360 awaiting the medics." Lockley reports.
<Understood. Maybe we've put the fear of O'Neill in them,> Eileen quips, trying to lighten the mood slightly. <Thorsson out>

Shaking her head, she then turns her attention to the frozen (and, if she doesn't move, soon to be literally frozen) member of her team. "Dr. Jenkins? It's me, the Major. You're safe now, the creature's dead, and can't hurt you anymore."

At long last, Bethany seems to stir a little from her catatonia. She looks up at Eileen, eyes slowly focusing on the form of the commanding officer, and she offers a weak response. "Sorry... I guess I was studying a bit too hard." She tries to smile, but the expression lacks any force of will behind it.

From the main camp, trudging through the snow, a third security team is arriving on the scene, with a somewhat portly, slightly out of breath, and significantly rosy-cheeked young lieutenant from the medical corps. She raises her voice and shouts, a sound muffled by the snow-covered landscape, "I hear you've got wounded?"

Findy MacLean

Only barely paying attention to the rest of the people standing around, Findy starts to whistle a portion of the 1812 overture as she reads the writing on the stones, and occasionally pokes random glyph with no apparent rhyme or reason. This is her first chance to really look at the things, and she's clearly quite fascinated.

As luck would have it, Findy works her way around and eventually returns to the 'A' stone where the others are standing, poking at it as Bethany tries to explain herself to Eileen in a rather apologetic fashion. The movement attracts the scientist's attention, and she points to the same monolith with a slight smile. "You may recall that the Ancients were keen on Astria Porta," she says as she reaches out and puts a hand on the stone, causing a holo-image to flash into existence in the center of the ring.

The new projection is a broad, circular table with dozens of unfamiliar glyphs set around a large, central blue dome. It strongly resembles the dial-home devices seen near many Stargates, with the exception that it's holographic, the glyphs are entirely unfamiliar, and it's nowhere near the gate on this planet.

Major Thorsson

Eileen breathes a quick and quiet sigh of relief and retuns the scientist's smile, nodding. "It's good to have you back, Dr. Jenkins. You had me worried there for a minute," she says, honestly, before keying her radio again. <Thorsson to Morgan. Hold off on that, she's coming around here. Have some blankets ready though. Thorsson out.>

Returning her attention to Bethany, the Major listens to the introductory explanation - and then, when the hologram flashes into existence, lets out a whistle.

"Tja, det är en stor en. I guess our assumption about that eleven-chevron gate just got more evidence Excellent work, Dr. Jenkins," she says, VERY impressed. "I guess the next question is - aside from finding the gate and getting there - is where does it go?"

As much as I LOATHE McKay, this is exactly where having him along would have been a godsend, she muses. "Given the distance from the Gate, it's obviously experimental...just an early version, or does it go somewhere completely different?"

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