The Roster

The Roster

Please post in this thread a single post container your character's name, gender, age, race, and physical description.

Name: Collin

Age: Late teens early twenties.

Collin stands a shade under six feet with broad shoulders, and is rather average looking with light brown eyes, sandy brown hair down to his shoulders, though usually he's hiding his features under a long off-white robe, and carries a small backpack and
walking staff. He's generally quiet and introspective.

Name: Narnae Isethian
Gender: Female
Age: 124
Race: Elf (Homebrew)
Origin: The Kingdom of Canstalithon

Physical Description: Narnae is an achingly beautiful, sharp featured, lithe but strong elven female. Her flawless and fair skin is the color of pale blue and silver moonlight reflecting from the surface of still water. Her mid-back length raven black hair is naturally straight but is kept in a single long braid if she expects battle. Her almond shaped eyes are purple, and flecks of bright sapphire blue glitter in them when her gaze catches the light. She wears simple, but clean clothing of neutral forest colors, and dull brown studded leather armor, all covered by her grey-ish royal blue hood and cloak. A longsword of elven make with a wide hand guard is strapped to her left hip, there is a blue and white painted heavy wooden shield depicting a dancing silver Unicorn on her back, as well as a club, two quivers of white fletched arrows, a longbow of elven make, and her traveling gear (backpack). The avatar in my profile is how I imagine Narnae in appearance.

Name: Rhyoick Silvermoon
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Elf
Origin: Silverymoon

Physical Description: Rhyoick is tall, lithe, and fleet of foot. He was raised in a predominately human environment and picked up many of their strange mannerisms. His dark hair hangs about his shoulders, styled with a few twisted braids clasped with silver. He dresses in dark clothing and wears a heavy grey cloak pinned with a silver brooch shaped like a crescent moon. He is handsome with fair skin and deep-set eyes, and stands with a certain ease and confidence.

Character Name: Tae'liva Garon
Gender/Race: Female Human
Age: 23
Class: Bard

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