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DnD 3.5 Combat in PbP

Originally Posted by Nameless Void View Post
I tend to use Excel, primarily due to ease and secondarily because I don't have the tokens to make maptools pretty.

Excel is easy because you make the grid size you want, make the characters etc and copy the map into paint to sae as an image. Then host it at some-where like webshots and link to it for your game.

Perhaps I should get Genuine to give me a rundown on maptools..
See, the same company that makes maptool also makes tokentool. You can use pictures that you already have to make new tokens. Of course, I generally just use numbers instead of nice pictures; it makes for a cleaner looking map, especially in a big area. I also like maptool because I can take the map pictures from modules (and elsewhere) and simply paste them into the map. With a grid overlay it's super easy to manage (what work there is is mainly in the creation of a new map, but if you're just pasting one in from elsewhere that's not a big deal).

If you'd like an example of a game that used pbp combat, i have an archived game where i thought it worked out fairly well. If you'd like to see it i can post/pm/whatever a link (i'd feel bad gratuitously spamming it).

I do lots of combats in my games. You're welcome to have a look and see how I run them. You should be able to find my games by clicking on my avatar and looking up my profile page. I use a very simple mapping set-up with MS-Paint that works well for me.


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