Chapter 7a: Return to Base Immediately

Afraid to take his eyes off the forest ahead of him and with the sound of his heart in his ears and the crashing of Strider through the underbrush, Rives is largely unaware of what is transpiring behind him. Strider leads onward through the forest,
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 8 (Total = 13)
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 1d20+3
Original Dice: 1d20+3
snaking this way and that around tree trunks while Rives lies low and tries keep on the animal's back.It actually wasn't as hard as it could have been for his first attempt at riding a running horse bareback, Rives thought as he hung on for dear life.

Alelip continues to hold onto Whiskey for dear life as he
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 19 (Total = 23)
guides the horse between trees, in an effort to lose any followers.

Deciding to stick with whats been working so far, Leo has his stallion
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 9 (Total = 16)
leap over another log.

The riders, having gotten used to their mounts by now, quickly regroup and expand the distance between themselves and the chasing gnolls. Before long, the gnolls realize the pursuit is hopeless, and they cease their long-strided running in favor of blood-curdling howls that echo through the trees. More howls from distant locations signal that the enemy is calling for reinforcements.

Rives leads out, following the path trampled by the company on their trip to the watchtower, and within the span of five minutes has the group within sight of the ancient stone walls.

OOCHere ends Chapter 7a. Chapter 8, Before the Walls, will begin shortly.

Everyone gets 200xp for successfully navigating the challenge. Leo gets a bonus 50xp for heroism.


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