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Advice for new DM?

Advice for new DM?

iv had an account on mythweavers for a while now, but until now ive only ever used it for the character sheets feature. well i recently offered to DM a game, but i could use some tips on how to set up my game

What is the system? There are some general advice for GMs, but knowing the system helps.

As for general advice...

Try to prepare in advance. There are some GMs who like a lot of preparations, others feel better with improvisation, but you'll have to discover your own ratio of preparation vs improvisation on your own. Until you do, overpreparing is better than underpreparing.

Heed your players. The game is made by the group, not by the GM. Try to tailor your story and your obstacles to what your players want; if they like combat, make a dungeon crawl. If they like intrigue, make a politics game. Try to cater to their interests, and provide enough time in the spotlight for everyone.

Bend the game. If your players want to do something cool that is not within the rules, whatever the system you are playing, let them. Everyone having fun comes before the rules, whatever the system.

All good advice there.

Heed it...

Apply it...

The system is a mix of d20 modern and d20 future, setting is Ghost in the shell. also, since its a Ghost in the Shell game, its going to be a heavily politically based game. anyway, specifically what im looking for advice for is how to set up the board for the game.

I think he might be looking for more mechanical advice, like "how do I set up a game forum?" and "how do I advertise for players?" If so, here's the good place to start:

More specific questions can be addressed here, of course.

True, now that I re-read his post, I see it. xD

Anyway, the link certainly helps, but to provide a bit more of focused advice: to create a game, you enter the Games tab in the upper header of the site, and then hit the Create New Game button, which is somewhere on the upper right corner of the screen. That will lead you to a form for filling the name of the game, the system, and the description. After that, the game forum will be automatically created.

To create an advertisement thread, from the game forum you must hit the "Game Profile" page, and on the upper header there will be a few options, one of them "Create Advertisement" or something of the sort. It will lead you to a form where you will put in the name of the thread, the number of players you want, the closing date (if you want one) and the thread proper. The description of the game will automatically be included in the ad as well.

that helps for future reference. but this time around someone else had already created the game and recruited me to DM it. what im unsure about is what basic subforums and threads i need to make to start off.

That's as personal as you can be. I, for once, like a lot of threads and subfolders, to have everything neatly organized and accessible. I've been on great games already where there were no folders and only two threads: one OOC and one IC. That's really personal preference, and there are no "rights" and no "wrongs". I'd just advise you to have at least one OOC thread going, because OOC chatter can sometimes keep a game alive even during hard times; it happened to my longest-lasting game, which is actually one of the best games I've been in, and it is only so because of the players, and the connection we made through the OOC chat.

thanks for the advice. i think for now ill make an OOC folder for plot discussion and off topic, and post the main roleplay thread on the main board, but leave plenty of room to expand

I did one more thing. Individual threads for each player. As they go through the game and interact their threads join for the duration. Keeps meta gaming down. Its one possible way to go.

Silverkiss is right about preperation. If you feel better winging it. Go for it. If not break out the Animes and research. write down all the info you feel you will need and review the animes.


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