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I need a BBEG

I need a BBEG

I need a BBEG for an up coming campaign. The game is gestalt at 1st level I want the BBEG to be level 5 but may go up to 15 later on. The party consists of a Urban Ranger/ Bard and a Rouge/Wizard(focus on the rouge) The setting will be in a city and things will be relatively sand box. I want the BBEG to be scary but I want him to be scary through power(most likely some sort of spell casting). As for the books allowed it doesn't really matter as long as it isn't dragon magazine. I also need Idea's for his mooks and his tactics.

They're level 1. If you throw a 5th-level gestalt spellcaster in there, you WILL tpk. It doesn't matter how badly you might run him, you WILL tpk unless you're really forcing yourself not to.

My recommendation:
Dread Necromancer 5 up one side.
Cleric 2 / Focused Conjurer 3 up the other.

At level 15:
Human Spellstitched Lich
Dread Necromancer 8 / Lich (+4LA) / whatever you want 3
Cleric 2 / Focused Conjurer 13 up the other.

Have him take Leadership at level 6 and Undead Leadership at level 9.

His cohort from Leadership should be a Human Spellstitched Necropolitan Focused Abjurer 3 / Master Specialist Abjurer 3 / Abjurant Champion 5 / Spellsword 1 / Eldritch Knight 1. If you want to Gestalt him, drop the Abjurant Champion, Spellsword, and Eldritch Knight levels, go Focused Abjurer 9 / Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil 4 // Fighter 2 / Paladin of Slaughter 2 / Rogue 3 / whatever you like 5.

His cohort from Undead Leadership should be a Human Spellstitched Death Knight Paladin of Slaughter 2 / Sorcerer 4 / Spellsword 1 / Abjurant Champion 5 / Mindbender 1 // Cleric 8 / Death Knight (+5).

You'll wipe the party every time they encounter him. Hell, with the number of minions he will have, you could very well wipe the part several times every time they encounter him. Also, each one of these has enough combat ability and enough casting to wipe the party individually, no matter what level you introduce them at.

To be honest this trio would probably just sack the city and take over.

I'm not looking for him to have direct combat with the party till they level up a bit I just want him to make a powerful and memorable appearance.

I find the above build to be cool but I'm not really looking for TPKing...

Then send the first one out on his own. It'll be a hell of a fight but they could survive it.

Okay thank you very much. If it's not a hassle can you please list what books this is all from?

Dread Necromancer is from Heroes of Horror.
Focused Specialist is from Complete Mage.
Abjurant Champion is, too.
Spellstitched is from Complete Arcane.
IotSV is, too.
So's Mindbender.
Lich is core.
Undead Leadership is from Libris Mortis.
Necropolitan is, too.
Paladin of Slaughter is... Unearthed Arcana, iirc.
Spellsword is Complete Warrior.
Death Knight is in one of the monster manuals but I forget which one. Sorry.

Let's hope that the BBEG has some non-undead in his entourage (imp familiar?) or else a shirt of wraith stalking (MiC) will screw him.

I doubt my party will think of buying one they hardly venture out of core but it's not a bad idea.
I will end up probably having an NPC with them due to the fact there are only two (possibly 3) players.

Any one have any suggestions on how to handle the entrance to make it more memorable?

Depends on the story you have going, and where you plan them to encounter him.

And with Leadership he can have plenty of non-undead in his entourage.

I'll get back to you on where the story is heading after the first session. I'll probably have something figured out by then though.


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