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Who cares if it is slower? We just want an adventure of EPIC proportions! Heh heh, you get it? Epic? Like over level 20, and also really big? It's a pun! ....Yeah, I didn't think it was that funny either.

erm ... call me ignorant but I didn't get that one -_-*
though lv 6 starting lv would fit me just fine ^^ (leadership and all)

Well so far I am the only one that has a character trying to get in the game that can heal. Hope that gives me a little avantage.

hum not to sure about what I am to play ... still in between knight and Pally ...Pally should be able to heal a bit ^^

We are in desperate need of healers. Well, you guys are in desperate need of healers. I am staying out of the fights, hoarding my Potions of Cure (insert degree) Wounds.

hum my PCs sure wouldn't like your PC for hoarding potions when others are in need. Depending on your alignment Joachim would possibly try to beat you to it ^^...

Nyeh, who needs healers when you can just kick the butt of the enemy? I'd be scared of a 6'5 Aasimar... lol

sweet!!! Thanks... I like to have those technicalities... hope I'm not a pain in the butt... I think I'm gonna have tons of fun in this game... I've waned to play an Aasimar for a long time now.


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