Menzo Recruitment - Round 5

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Menzo Recruitment - Round 5

Arcane Age: Netheril - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Forgotten Realms 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

So its been awhile since the last round of recruitment. The game is going rather strong (posts are down a bit due to Spring Break, but I expect hat they will pick up again shortly). But as with any Myth-Weavers (read: PbP) game, Menzo has lost some players due to unexplained circumstances and has room for fresh blood.

New PCs should all apply here. Just start a Character Thread / App and make it private to yourself. Level 12.

Some may be selected by a House Matron to fill out their ranks. And will instead start at level 13.

With high activity you can catch up to the rest of the players which are 14th.

I will also entertain notions of a new House if anybody is feeling up to it. Matrons are like sub-DMs in that they are to organize their House, run the occasion adventure, etc. They also start higher level than the rest of the players, level 16.

Game Description:

the GameYou just lost it.

D&D 3.5+; Gestalt lvl 11; Forgotten Realms - Mythallar Era of Netheril in NY 870
Applications due: TBD
Sheets: not used, ask me about Character Threads if not familiar with them.

I have long wanted to run a campaign set in Netheril. I will be pulling fluff from the 2e Netheril Boxset, but will not be bound by it entirely. This is my take on Netheril and I will also be taking inspiration from Ancient Rome.

Netheril is still a young empire, destined to stand for nearly another 3000 years. Twenty-five years ago the Arch-Arcanist Ioulaum created the first Mythallar. Four years ago he raised the first of Netheril's flying cities using heights of magic never before seen upon Abeir-Toril. Ioulaum's Enclave is but the first of many. All across the Empire Arcanists strive to be the next to raise an Enclave to soar above the Empire.

Much of the Realms exist in a state of barbarism with few other great civilizations of note. North west of the Empire lies the under-mountain nation of Delzoun. Far to the south, on the Sword Coast lies Calimshan. East of Calimsham, across the Lake of Steam lies Jhaamdath. And to the east lies fabled Cormanthyr, the Elven Court.

You are of the patrician class of Netheril. Your studies have brought you to Ioulaum's Enclave where each has been trained as either an Arcanist or Priest of the Nine.
Level: 11th
Gestalt: LA / Racial HD allowed on one side. Fractional BAB / Saves.
Rule 11: Pre-mod Stats ranging from 7 to 18. You may have no more than two odds. And your total stat mods = 11. Example: Str 18, Dex 14, Con 15, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 17.
Alignments: Any.
Materials: XPH, Core, Forgotten Realms line, ToM, ToB: Bo9S, Completes, Races of, Libris Mortis, Lords of Madness, Eberron line, most WotC books.
Unusual materials / Homebrew: TOMEs, Oslecamo. On a case by case basis.
HP: Average +1 (+con) for each
Including 1st. I am done with random stats and HP in my games
level. To avoid confusion: d4: 3.5 (per level; keep track of your fractions, they add up); d6: 4.5; d8: 5.5; d10: 6.5; d12: 7.5
Races: Human with a free +2 to any stat. Cohorts may be more diverse.
LA: LA Buyoff allowed.
Classes: Found here
Feats: Everybody gains a
In addition to the standard feats at 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, etc. And in addition to any other bonus feats you are entitled to by classes, templates, etc
Bonus Feat per level. Regional (FR) Feats may only be taken at level 1. You may have up to two Regional Feats, don’t worry about meeting region requirements. You may only select a Tome Feat using your standard feat progression, with the exception of classes that give Tome Feats. No flaws or traits allowed.
Leadership: Found here
Skills: No distinction between class and non-class skills. No synergies. Any class (base or PrC) that gets 2+int skills instead gets 4+int skills.
acrobatics (balance, tumble), appraise, athletics (climb, jump, swim), autohypnosis, bluff, concentration, craft, decipher script, diplomacy, disable device (includes Open Lock; Int), disguise, forgery, legerdemain (escape artist, sleight of hand, use rope),
no longer a skill. Anybody can attempt to “gather info” using any skill they can justify
gather information
, handle animal, heal, iaijutsu focus, intimidate, knowledge (arcana; includes psionics), knowledge (architecture and engineering), knowledge (dungeoneering), knowledge (geography), knowledge (history), knowledge (local: choose a location), knowledge (nature), knowledge (nobility and royalty), knowledge (planar), knowledge (religion), perception (listen, spot), perform, profession, ride, search, sense motive, speak language, spellcraft (includes psionics), stealth, survival, use magic device (includes psionics) Tome of Necromancy, Tome of Fiends, Races of War (be sure to check out "The Failure of Feats" section), Dungeonomicon

For (free) Download: Tome of Awesome <--- more complete than what is on DanDwiki.

go here

To start your application make a post in the Applications folder with character name (if you know it) and your MW handle in ().
Example: Veir-iliv (Jreece). After characters are chosen your application will double as your Character Thread.

PSAOriginally printed Nov 19, 2011
For those of you new to my games, I do not use "sheets". At all.

Go ahead and make them up for your personal benefit and to generate stat-blocks to build off of, but I will not be looking at sheets for any reason. Instead every aspect of your character is to go into your Character Thread.

Some of you have already taken to this, most of you have been in earlier games of mine and already know this. Some of you have yet to put a single thing into your "CT". Which is fine if you're busy or whatever. But until your character is approved on the CT, you may not post IC.

I realize that this creates some extra homework for you, the player, but I'm ok with that. :p
example appName:
Race / Template(s):
Class / Role:
Background: I am a very reactive DM, interesting backgrounds and characters may receive more interesting adventures.
Description: This is *not* an invitation to post a pic. In fact I would rather you didn't. If you absolutely must, put it in a Spoiler tab.
Personality: What makes your PC click?
Team Background: To be fleshed out with the rest of your band. What great deeds have you done? Who have you royally pissed off? Inquiring DMs want to know.

Loved ones: Family, friends, neighbors. People who might depend on your PC in a time of crisis.
Nemesis: Someone who is or was out to get your PC. Potential BBEG/BBGG types.
Rivals: From friendly rivals in your chosen vocation to bitter enemies, likely not powerful enough to threaten the entire party.

Brief RP sample, involving the metaplot as you know it:
example extended stat-blockName
Race Class

Initiative: +?, Senses: listen +?, sense motive +?, spot +?
?; Touch: ?, Flat-Footed: ?; Speed: ?ft
?; Fort:
Base: , Con: +
?, Ref:
Base: , Ref: +?
?, Will:
Base: , Will: +

Attack –
BA +; Grapple
Special actions –

? Spells (CL ; DC ? – ?)
0th (?)

R11 - Str: , Dex: , Con: , Int: , Wis: , Cha:

Str: , Dex: 1, Con: , Int: , Wis: , Cha:
Light load:
Med load:
Max load:
Off Ground:
Str , Dex: , Con: , Int: , Wis: , Cha:



? pts
: concentration
ranks: , +

DM of Arcane Age: Netheril

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The link to "Everybosy else" for applications is broken

The thread was broken up. Anyway, you wont get to see everyone else. This is now Pvp and there is no way your going to see all the builds. Make your own CT, only talk about your build to the DM, and move on.

With that said, good luck.

Christ, I guess I'll do this...

I don't have a ton of experience with the Tome, but hey. Time to come up with something interesting...

does it matter that I have no experience role playing in forgotten realms? R.A. is my favorite author and I own every book he has written (Except Guantlegrimm) on forgotten realms

I just used the houseless thread to post my -now- completed application and sheet. I didn't know where to post for houses or mercinary groups

: so you good to go this time? Go ahead and make your CT / App in the Houseless section. If accepted I'll make you a House group thread.

The link to "Everybosy else" for applications is broken
Sabin: Yep, thats the old link. At the top of this ad you will see this: "New PCs should all apply here. Just start a Character Thread / App and make it private to yourself. Level 12."

does it matter that I have no experience role playing in forgotten realms? R.A. is my favorite author and I own every book he has written (Except Guantlegrimm) on forgotten realms
Sabin 2: nope, not a lot is written about this time period of the Forgotten Realms anyways.


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