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GM Game Rescue article

GM Game Rescue article

Edit: Game Rescue

Hello all!

This is an offshoot of the GM Guide Thread and is being used to develop the last article for the GM guide "GAME RESCUE" and should follow the same formatting as outlined.

The problem with writing this article thus far, is that this is an area where I personally have minimal experience. I have taken over a game world or game on occasion, but never in a PbP setting.

I assume there are some specific bits of wisdom that we can impart to our newer members concerning this.

I have some ideas on how to outline this, but I really would like to see a lot of community feedback from the people who have done this in the past.

So lets dive in...

Section 1: intro and definitions, disclaimer that having GM experience is highly recommended, link to rescue society (reformat the thread and sticky it) talk about some of the adv VS disadv. of rescuing a game

Section 2: Be an expert on the system, Read everything on the board, take notes as you go along

Section 3: Talk extensively with the players, see what they liked and didn't like about the game so far and want to see and don't want to see in the future.

Section 4: plan the future of the campaign, be consistent with the game world thus far and include previously generated plot hooks and threads

Section 5: flip the switch and start the game back up

I think that's pretty simple breakdown.

If anyone has any ideas of any kind, please add them, I think this has the potential to greatly streamline the current system, making it far more effective and easy to utilize while at the same time increasing the number of games that get rescued.

Fire away!

Note: even if you don't have experience rescuing a game but you have a good idea, please speak up

Edit: was hoping to get more feedback, please redirect here

Mordae actually has a Game Rescue thread going which I believe has had a good deal of success. Not to say there is no point in writing an article, but you might be able to find information there that explains how one can go about it.

Mordae's GM Rescue Society.

Already been there, that's what is the sparking the article... I have several concerns with how to streamline that process though and feel that the current thread can be greatly improved with the additions I'm making.

I'm not knocking it, it's a great start in the right direction to making a wonderful new resource, but having a precise guide, while it may not help the more experienced folk, I feel it will help a lot of the newer members that doesn't understand all of the things they can do or how to go about doing it.

Originally Posted by World of L_Tiene View Post
Article draft here: Article
Some comments:
# A Link to the Game Forum
# A Link to the Game Advertisement
Linking to the appropriate Game Profile (e.g. the game I 'rescued') would be easier; it not only contains links to the game forum but also to all ads the game has had*, lists all players and all readers in the game. Plus, it displays the game premise the former GM had written.

* all ads made after the implementation of the 'new' Games & Ads subboard.

* Acceptance

If you are accepted by the play group you will need the current GM to transfer the head GM position to you. If this is not possible you will need to contact an administrator.
The faster and possibly easier way is to post a new thread in Site Discussion, so that any mod can transfer head GM position, putting less work on a selected few.
You might want to check with the mods which is the preferred version.
[list][*]If the current GM is seeking a replacement (or is still around), contact him and work with the current GM (about specific plans he had, specific quests, hints he had dropped, etc.).

also lobbying for a sub board over here: Site Discussion Thread

I agree with Michael's response and would propose a sticky thread with links to both the article and a (sticky ?) thread in the GM's Workshop.

I've got a master plan for the sub board and how to work it, and have clarified with Michael about the 2 thread thing, I meant "2 sticky threads" other threads after that would be available for each game to post, like a reverse game ad, allowing for extended discussion in each thread between the potential GM's and current players.

About the game file, noted and fixing, I forgot about that.

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