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Star Wars Saga help (I want to run a Murder Mystery encounter)

Star Wars Saga help (I want to run a Murder Mystery encounter)

So I'm trying to get a Star Wars campaign together for some RL friends of mine. I'd like to run a sort of murder mystery encounter (part combat, part skill challenge or some such) to break up the regular flow a bit. It'll be at a relatively low level (depending on how fast they get through some of the stuff, I'm guessing between levels two and five), but I've never really done anything like this before. I have the who and the why and all of that, but the actual construction is where I'm at a loss.

Help please?

One major thing to remember when creating an sort of mystery: as perceptive as your players are, and despite your absolute best descriptions they likely aren't imagining things exactly as you see them. You may have to do a little extra prodding, or hinting, but that's alright. It's probably something their highly skilled characters would have noticed anyways.

Visual aids are paramount. Again they may not be imagining what you are, so maps, sketches, or pictures puts everyone on the same page.

If you'd like to go with the skill challenge route it can limit roll playing a bit and turn it into a series of dice rolls. Nothing is entirely wrong with that, just make sure your players describe what they are doing and why to the rest of the group. Remember that skills and knowledge checks are supposed to represent things that we don't necessarily have the ability to do ourselves. If an impulsive impatient player is playing the pensive thinker allow him to make some knowledge or perception checks to notice things he may have never put together as a player. You want to make sure your skill challenges continue to be fun for everyone one too, so you might consider allowing character's to roll any skill as long as they can find a logical way to justify it RP-wise.

Disclamer: I have never run a skill challenge in saga, only played in them. They can be quite fun when everyone gets into them.

Go over the forums and browse around. The Order 66 podcast has talked about a convention run called Murder on the Executor. Where the players are imperial's on Vader's flagship investigating a murder.

Sounds like just what you need.

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