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Nobody gets out alive

Nobody Gets Out Alive - Forum
D20 Modern
Estimated Members Requested: 5

A d20 modern survival game

That shall be me, darkhugh. There should be no need for a co-dm within this game.
Game Description
The game will be based within a fictional city in the south of England, located on the coast. The game will begin with a group of people awaking within a hospital, all of these characters were within a comma like state for an unknown period of time.

The majority of you would have been involved in a road accident, involving a bus and a lorry. Resulting in the hospitalised state you awake from, once awake the game will become focused on survival. Along with learning what has happened since you have been ‘asleep.’

You were out for an unknown period time, and upon awaking you find the city of Plytouth in ruins, dead bodies decorating the streets. Along with moaning corpses that wander aimlessly.

Game Set Up
This game will be split into three major parts, the first part will be within the city and will be mostly sandbox allowing you to move around the city as you see fit. Perhaps coming across other survivors. With time the city will become too dangerous and you will most likely be forced to leave, moving to the out skirts of the city where you will need to survive against nature and the undead.

The third section will remain a secret, but will involve large scale travel and will be less sandbox as the last two sections.

In this game the sanity varient will also be used, if it is your first time do not worry. It is not difficult to grasp and most of the work is on the DM!
Character Creation
For character creation you may use 36 point buy or roll 6m4d6^3. If you select the roll you must keep it, the only exception being if you net modifier is less than two.

You will all be level 1.

A total of five characters will be accepted.

The following should be used for the basis of an application, though feel free to use your own as long as the basic data is still present.

Name: Your full name.
Age: Your age, no one super young or really old please.
Description: Describe your character, feel free to use a picture but please use words also.
Personality: How your character acts, make sure you tell me how they act under stress and around strangers.
History/hooks: Your history need not be long, but I would like a number of hooks or goals that may drive your character in this apocalypse.

Your character sheet need not be made until you are accepted. When making your sheet and character, keep in mind that you will awake within a hospital without any of your gear. You can list gear you have stored at your house/flat etc, and if you make it there you can collect it in game. In the game wealth is not used, so do not roll for it, instead trade units (TU) will be used. Located within the apocalypse book, though if you do not have it do not worry, I can explain TU.

A character will have 4d10x2 worth of TU, though these will not be on person (bar things like wallets, watches etc).

Character Rooster
These are all of the current characters that have been brought to my attention, though they may not be finished.
  • Vrywolf - Phillip Jacob Marlowe.
  • partingshot - Andrew Byron Creste.
  • Corvax - Randolf Flynn Lomax.
  • Hisage - Alexander Rains.
  • Corporate military - William.
  • Jestergypsy - Benjamin Charlotten.
  • Purity_riot - Delilah Carter.
  • Kaeso - Edward Zacharia "E.Z." Jones.
  • Braknurr - Enio 'Eddy' Spimozo.
  • AegisShade - Sniper Jesus.
  • Rogue Rogue - Constable Melissa Lawla.
  • felix1459 - Jason Michael Bryce.
Any questions feel free to ask me them here.

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Good Afternoon.
I like the look of this RP, but I am a complete novice regarding this style of gaming and would like you to please explain the following, and if they are really necessary to getting involved in the game.

POINT 1.: For character creation you may you a 36 point buy or roll 6m4d6^3. If you select the roll you must keep it, the only exception being if you net modifier is less than two.

POINT ".: You will all be level 1.

Thank you for your patience.

Point one had a bit of a typo, sorry about that.

Point 1: When you are creating your character's sheet, you have two options when determining stats. Point buy or roll, if you go with point buy then you have 36 points to spend (point buy calculators can be found on google). While if you want to roll then you will use the dice code 6m4d6^3, though if you decide to roll then you cannot change to the point buy if the rolls are bad.

Point 2: This is just that when you create characters make them level one.

I like the idea, it reminds me a bit of the walking dead. Will consider submitting an application, do you have any deadline at the moment?

Thank you for that darkhugh, also can I download a calculator ? or are they confined to the net ?
Is their a standard character sheet that I can access to fill in ? and where do I access it ? or do I fill this in the character sheet . ?
Does my character generated stats alter as the game progresses and if so do I have to keep track of that myself ? And how much are they altered by ?
Is the initial 36 point starte altered by yourself as we go from say level 1 to level 2
I aplogise for these questions, but I am a complete numpty as I have never tackled these types of games before, But I am intriuged by them.

Thank you for your patience.

The walking dead is what I used for inspiration, along with a few other things

The deadline will be the 20th.

@Murmac: Have you ever played a d20 system before? If not then look here as it is the d20 SRD (system reference document) and should tell you all you need to know.

Here is a caluclator which you can use.

I think you should read through the first links files (ignore; wealth, Creature Overview, Creature Types, Creatures, FX Basics, Spells, Psionics, FX Items and Department 7). Once read through I will answer any questions.

Oh! I love Walking Dead, and I just made a d20M character just for fun a couple of days ago. Good timing!

Name: Phillip Jacob Marlowe
Age: 33

After looking at the d20 setup, it is way too complicated, I was just looking for a straightforward play by post RPG without all the complications.
Thanks a gain for your patience.

Andrew CresteName: Andrew Byron Creste
Age: 27

I started with one idea and suddenly carried it in a completely different direction.
If it's not the right kind of character for your game, let me know.


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