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Red Hand of Doom Resources

Originally Posted by Darkxarth View Post
Oh. Sorry. Is there anywhere on Myth-Weavers I can put it? Could it go in the wiki?
Yea, we're building out places to put stuff like this. The wiki staff is in flux again, so I don't know where we are on the 3e side of things. We'll get a good place for this to live full time.

I'm not to familiar with the module, but so I'm clear: this is your update to the module? Or are you building new creatures that may fit in that campaign?

It's a 3.5 module. I've run it twice (well, 1 1/2 times), and I've been working on additions and modifications since I started running it the first time. A few encounters and monsters I have changed (Blood Ghost Berserker is the biggest change so far), but most are just additions, monsters and encounters that fit the theme of the module but add a bit of spice.

That's what I was thinking, and we are building a repository for just this sort of "homebrew" information. So, if you needed a creature, you could look through every user-created creature until you found one you want.

Our current discussion is on the proper way to build personal indexes for that list. This list, for example. Adjustments and enhancements for a specific module, or items by specific people.

That is still in progress,and we hope to get stuff available soon. I think it will make a good long-term home.

For the Short term: I think discussions on items are best left on the forums. But when you feel comfortable with a "final output", you could put it on your personal Wiki page. That way, you can enter it to it's permanent home when it is ready. We can see if plugsy concurs with that statement.

Personal Wiki's are of the format:


Any news on what's happening with this stuff? It really is useful, and I do like the rebuilds. I'm thinking of running this shortly and I'd hate to see this lost to Internet Wastes.

So far, I didn't know if there was anything more than polite interest in the thread, but if someone actually wants to look at it, I will start work on transferring what is here to my Wiki page and then adding to it.

Blood Ghost Berserker

The formatting is not great, but at least it's up on the Wiki.

I've run this campaign too. On MW. It is awesome.

I added some enemy bosses and upgraded nearly all of them to provide a better challenge for my party of seven PCs. I'd be happy to upload my stat blocs for them if you can get a more comprehensive, organized wiki set up, Darkxarth.

I will try to start uploading at least one monster, encounter, or other thing once a week. If you start uploading yours onto your personal page, maybe we'll eventually get enough material to warrant a separate section on the Wiki.

I uploaded the Harbinger to my wiki today. Next, I'll do the Hobgoblin Captain, which hadn't made it onto this page before I was redirected to the Wiki.


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