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The Myth-Weavers GM Rescue Society

Attention all GM's involved in Game Rescue!

Your efforts have been noticed!

The website now offers an endorsed system for Game Rescue!

Special thanks to Plugsy and Michael for getting the coding done.

Here is the wiki article and this is the associated help page which now has a button on the Game Planning section.

Keep up the great work everyone!

I wouldn't mind being a Rescuer for DnD 3.5 games; unfortunately, I am not as well versed in many of the other systems. DnD has always been my game of choice.

Marvel Game in need of rescue.
We - the players - created a new game and linked it to the old one.
We'd like a GM to come in and take the reins so we can continue with the characters we have just begun developing.

Man... this party is dead... Everyone now! Altogether in a sing-a-long! "Bohm, bohm, bohm, Show me the way to go home. Bohm, bohm, bohm. I'm tired and I wanna go to bed...
Seriously though...
Is there not anyone.... anyone... who would just be oh, so happy, to take over the reins of GM for the marvel game me and my companions are in???

Hello, I'm a GM who can no longer GM due to time commitment. I would, however, love to see someone take the sadistic traps that I have in store for my players and take them in their own direction. I will have lore ready for the setting and will likely continue watching as a lurker. The game is meant to be my own version of ToEE and World's Largest Dungeon. I also wanted to test a couple of methods to prevent pure meta gaming.

The game is called Redscale's Labyrinth.

Age of Inferno is a game where the players are all Dragons, an epic tale of good versus evil in the typical Bahamut/Tiamat way with two Orders fighting head-on. The players are only wyrmlings, struggling with the deaths of their parents and trying to decide on their place in the world.

Our original DM disappeared (my guess being that taking on one too many games got the best of him), and a recent replacement flaked out on us before even starting to truly take the reins. We really need a new DM to help us this game off of the ground.

There is an MIA DM for Sabin's 'Bloody Politics' game, seen in these threads:

It's a large scale, 'each player is mostly independent from one another', politicking and social game, with players characters acting generally in the interests of their competing nations. It appears that some of this is a large scale game of Diplomacy and a strategy game, with some optional player versus player elements.

It's a D&D 3.5e game, in a homebrew setting. I don't personally know how long the game has been running, as I never got to actively post by the time the DM went MIA.

I'm going to link the other players (who actually got to play!) to this thread to try and get some more details.

R-E-S, C-U-E,
Rescue Aide Society
Heads held high, touch the sky
You mean everything to me.

In a pinch, in a bind,
call on us any time
We'll appear from nowhere
Mighty are we

Rescue Aid Society
Honesty, loyalty
We pledge to thee

Rescue Aid Society
Heads held high, touch the sky
You mean everything to me

In a jam, in a scrape
And you think, "no escape"
Do not fear, we'll be here
Courageous are we

Recited from memory...couldn't help myself.

Really awesome stuff you guys do!

Posting a GM needed/ rescue request for MIA DM Kipi's 'The Dungeon' game. It's a basic, simple D&D 3.5e dungeon crawl made by a mad wizard. A few people get teleported to a dungeon, talk to a guardian who answers their questions, and have to fight and sneak their way out, locating other survivors if possible, and discovering the answer to the mystery of what is going on, why people have been abducted from their city to be put in this dungeon, etc. etc.

Here are the relevant threads:

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