Earthdawn (FASA edition)

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Earthdawn (FASA edition)

Earthdawn - Weavers of Legend - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Dust off those old tomes and prepare yourself for epic adventure! Now recruiting for 6 or more characters to join me in exploring the land of Barsaive. Magic and danger around every corner with plenty of intrigue, story, and loot*!

If you've little to no experience with Earthdawn, that's OK! I'm more than willing to help with character creation. But first and foremost, have a concept in mind and we'll build around that.

Character creation
Standard character creation, no special rules. Attributes will be generated with the 66 point buy method. Any 1st Edition sourcebook (FASA) is allowed, but please site your source (book, and page) for rules not directly covered by the main book. Recruitment will be open until June 18th.

Application format


I've decided to use EDCG 1.3 for character sheets. The link can be found below. Work through the character creation process, and PM me when you have completed a character sheet.
Please Note

Earthdawn Character Generator 1.3

See below for brief overview of the world of Earthdawn.

*Not all loot will be glittery moneys.

Game Description:

We live in an Age of Legend
After centuries of hiding beneath the earth, humanity has ventured out into the sunlight to reclaim the world. Trolls, dwarfs, elves, orks, and humans live side by side with exotic races: the lizard-like t'skrang, the small, winged windlings, and the earthen obisidimen. Creatures both magical and mundane dwell once more in the forests and jungles. Arcane energies offer power to those willing to learn the ways of magic.

Once, long ago, the land grew lush and green. Thriving forests sheltered plants and animals, and people grew and prospered off the land's bounty. Then the Horrors came, and drowned the world in darkness.

The world's flow of magic rose, and at its height dread creatures from the darkest depths of astral space crossed into our world, leaving suffering and destruction in their wake. The world's inhabitants named these fell creatures the Horrors. They laid our world waste in a terrible time now known as the Scourge. The lush forests died. Bustling towns vanished. Beautiful grasslands and majestic mountains became blasted, barren terrain, home to the Horrors' twisted mockery of life.

The Horrors lusted to destroy all life, but they did not succeed. Before their coming, the magicians of the Theran Empire warned the world, and the people of the Earth took shelter under it. They built fantastic underground cities called kaers and citadels; their children and their children's children grew up within these earthen enclaves, never seeing the light of the sun. For four hundred years the Horrors roamed the land, devouring all they touched while the people hid in terror, until the slow ebb of the world's magic forced these loathsome creatures to retreat to the astral pit that spawned them. The Horrors departed before the magicians and wise men had believed they would; the wary people emerged slowly from their kaers, facing the world half in hope that the Scourge had truly ended and half in fear that the Horrors lingered. Though most of the Horrors left this world, many remain, inflicting cruel anguish and suffering on other living creatures. As humanity struggles to remake the shattered world, they must combat the remaining Horrors who seek to prolong the destruction and despair of the Scourge.

Now heroes travel the land, rediscovering its lost legends and exploring its changed face. For the world has changed, almost beyond recognition. Many people died during the Scourge; the Horrors breached some kaers and citadels and destroyed their inhabitants. Other kaers remain sealed, from unknowable disaster or simple fear; their contents await discovery by bold explorers. Should they find any folk still living within, these brave adventurers may lead such fear-darkened souls out to live again in the light.

The dwarven kingdom of Throal lies at the center of the province of Barsaive, the largest inhabited province in the known world. The dwarfs seek to unite Barsaive's farflung cities and people under one crown and one banner, the better to repel the advances of the Theran Empire that ruled Barsaive before the Scourge. The Therans returned to the province shortly after the Scourge ended, seeking to bend it again to their yoke, but the people of Barsaive rejected the Therans' iron rule and rallied behind the dwarfs of Throal. Beaten for the moment, the Therans gather strength and wait to strike again. As Barsaive's heroes search for lost treasures and battle fantastic creatures, they must also fight the Therans, who plot to rob Barsaive of its newfound freedom and make its people pawns of their vast Empire.

In the Age of Legend, heroes band together to fight the Horrors and reclaim the wounded world for those born in it. As they explore the altered land, searching for legendary cities and treasures, they become the legends that will light the coming days. As with those who went before them, tales of their deeds will live forever in men's hearts. From many paths, the heroes come to join in common cause. Those who seek honor and glory come from many Disciplines, and battle evil to redeem the world with a multitude of gifts. A band of heroes may include an Illusionist, a spellcaster who combines deception and reality to confuse those around him; a Swordmaster, one trained in the art of fighting with bladed weapons; or a Beastmaster, able to train and command the beasts of the earth and sky. The world holds countless heroes, but all share one trait: a willingness to fight to reclaim the world from that which threatens it. Through noble deeds and sacrifice, the heroes of the world will forge its future.

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Race: Obsidiman

Discipline: Elementalist

Appearance: 7'1 and a slim 888lbs. Light grey skin with minor dark grey striations and tiny flecks that sparkle in direct light. Glemb has bad posture; he is usually hunched over and has a noticeable hump on his upper back. His blue and grey robes are relatively plain looking, though close inspection reveals elaborate thread-work of very similar colors. He favors simple jewelry and robe design. Mud can often be found on his face and robes (remnants of elementalist's ritual).

Personality: Prideful, mindful, compassionate and eager (though a bit reserved).
Slow moving like most of his kin, Glemb likes to study and analyze situations before acting. He is extremely connected to his surroundings and tends to get along with those who appreciate nature. He is acutely aware of the importance of balance and is intrigued by Name-givers who act impulsively and take no heed to consequences. He is a tempered being though he is angered by the Theran treatment of non-Therans and is irate at the thought of a future overrun by Horrors. He is happiest outside, although, he prefers the subterranean dwarves to any other race besides his own. He is in awe of beastmasters, appreciates wizards and distrusts illusionists.

Background: Glemb's Liferock lies somewhere in the expansive Throal Mountains (exact locale is a coveted secret). Even early in his lifecycle he enjoyed observing the ways of nature, how rivers formed from many streams gathering rain water high in the mountains, and how a destructive fire rejuvenates the landscape. He likes animals and insects of all sorts but he enjoys plants and fungi the most, concentrating on their cycles and fascinated by their seeds.
When he was mature enough he traveled to nearby towns to learn from their elders. His confident attitude landed him an apprenticeship with a dwarven master elementalist. In three short years he was taught the fundamentals of the arts including constructing and maintaing spell matrices, spellcasting elementalistic karmic rituals and elementalweaving. Master Gnashen sent him a full year before his apprentice time had expired, for the old dwarf knows his own time is short and Glemb's inquisitiveness and magical aptitude could take him far. Glemb loves Gnashen like a father, and would defend him and his Liferock with similar vigor.
Since Glemb left his friend and master, he has taken an interest in creature lore. The largest creature catalog in the world is reported to reside in Travar, and so the golden city of is his first destination.

I have written out most of my characters info (skills, talents and the like), just waiting for the best format to use.

I've decided to use EDCG 1.3 for character sheets. It can be found here. Work through the character creation process, and PM me when you have completed a character sheet.

I tried that, and it doesn't work for me. The error I'm getting is:
The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher.
Does anyone understand this? Is this because I'm using Windows7 Home?

I have a feeling that I can't contact the software publisher anymore.

Thanks, that worked for me, hope to have something together by tomorrow evening, latest Friday.

I got it working on Vista, and Xp.. having issues with Win7 still, though. Cannot find EDCG .dat files on Win7.

At least I got it running, I guess. KingGoblin, do you have any other character generator, or even sheet available to you?

I found an old computer in the attic that my kids play on... it actually has EDCG and Second Step on it. And they both work!

Maybe one of us who can get it to work can post our character, and then everyone else can copy that format? I know it's not the same as having all the characters run through it, but it might be the next best thing.

Never mind; EDCG doesn't give a 'summary' like Second Step does.

OK, how about a scan of the actual character sheet? If that's up, then everyone can at least have their sheets look similar.

i use an apple labtop, i haven't had any luck with EDCG_13e.exe or SecondStep. I did a search and came up with an EDCEditor through sourceforge and java.


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