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Freeform Sheet Possibility?

Freeform Sheet Possibility?

Obviously something really, really, really basic.

A few fields for Biography, History, Contacts and Friends.
A field titled "Powers and Abilities"
A field titled "Followers and Companions"
A field titled "Body"
A line list for "Spells"
A line list for "Equipment"
A box table for weapons/range/properties of weapon
A box table for armor/properties of armor
No math or formula for BAB or attacks or anything complicated or that needs to be replicated to another part of the sheet.

Just something so that the ST can keep track of what their player/s have on them, what they can do and how well they can do it as well as anybody they might know.

I know it's a lot of work and you'll likely suggest "Use one of the other sheets", but then there's all that unneeded clutter of statistics and such.

Fingers crossed.

As their isn't any math involved what purpose would a sheet serve that cant be covered by the person in question just typing that all up for a forum post and editing as need be? Fieldsets or spoilers separating each section.




Spells and Powers



I only ask because I have run freeform before here and I never saw the need for a sheet.

That's a massive shame.

I don't want stats visible...There are no stats in freeform games.

Also, we can't attach threads to our games like you can a sheet. We can't use Charpic codes in our games with text from a thread. We can't even have a portrait.

Saying "Use a thread" is great, but what if the GM archives the game? Thread lost, picture lost, information lost.

What if we want the accessability of charpic? "Use another sheet"?

I find that really sad.

Ah well. I tried.

Um...threads arent lost if they are archived. You can still view them. They just lose the ability to be edited as they become locked.

Not sure what you mean with the Char Pic thing either. You can post images on threads. I guess I'm not understanding who "We" is and what games you are talking about.

Irrelevant now regardless.

Worry not. I guess I'll just keep carrying my USB stick and continue to back up.

OK, go to Google Docs, make a new document and post a link to it. There: a character sheet which you can edit at any time, never gets lost, is always available and can serve you precisely as you want it too - if you want a section called "What my character did when he/she was 12", then add one, if you don't need "History" - remove it. Take the 5-10 (or maybe 15+) minutes needed to make a template or even just a blank document with headings for the sections and share it with your player/fellow players and everybody will have a "standardized" sheet.

Use the 4e sheet.

Fill in name and any other physical details you want.

In the boxes provided for powers, put the following:
"Powers and Abilities"
"Followers and Companions"

Fill in the relevant information in the text boxes provided.

Use the weapons input area for weapons.

Cleo: that's an awesome idea, and one that I have never thought about before. Filed for future reference, for sure. :P

Cleo that is awesome. But my anal retention in terms of display when looking at a sheet is offput by the fact that it's cluttered with "attributes and such". However, that IS perfect for in game.


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