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What to do with slaves (Shadowrun)

What to do with slaves (Shadowrun)

Okay, so my players have just successfully raided a Bunraku parlor in Seattle. All the Yaks in the parlor are dead, and their backup is five minutes out, with the Star eight minutes out. So they've decided that they want to rescue the girls. Now, they don't even have the resources to transport a dozen Bunraku girl, nevermind providing housing and medical aid. So what other options would work for this stupidly noble an idealistic move? My thought was that getting emergency services other than the Star (fire or paramedics) in to take care of the girls for them, but I don't know how the UCAS handles people that are SINless due to slavery rather than criminality. I do wan to be kind to the player since they're not going to just cut the girls up for spare parts or sell them to the highest bidder.

If the circumstances are clear, there shouldn't be an issue with Star finding them. They might take the girls away in cuffs, but if they seem abused, there's no reason Star won't be a little sympathetic. Just because they're the bad guys in SR doesn't mean they're all asshats.

They could have a contact who knows a guy that will help them get set up, and in exchange, later the group can use the girls, some of whom have actual skills, as contacts for something or other. Just suggest that if they call their Johnson (or whoever they've got that seems reasonable to you), he might be able to help. It'll cost them a favor, of course, which you can then use to get them to do something later.

It's also possible the girls aren't completely helpless. One of them might have a contact too if the players don't.

If you go this route, make sure the PC's interact with the plot element of the contact, either performing a mini game or side quest or use the NPC as a plot element to be reincorporated later, otherwise you're just solving the puzzle for them and taking away their chance to be the heroes.

Can't help you much with the SR setting terminology, but from a story perspective there is that idea and I could probably squeeze out one or two more in a few minutes

What they've gone through is a severe emotional toll. However, they can be 'omni contacts' for the team since they have chipped personalities. The girls aren't necessarily SINless either, they may have been kidnapped. So, take them all, then one by one, pull the chip, give them the option of going home or getting revenge. The ones that want to go home get returned for some reward moneys, then use that to fund start up on their own little Fox Force Five

Wow. Your players just handed you a plot hook that can keep the game rolling for at least another month.

Leaving the girls isn't a good option. The Yaks will arrive just before the Star, and will simply vanish the girls. That leaves taking the girls as the PCs get out of Dodge.

They're in Seattle, so finding a vehicle or two (or three) to "borrow" shouldn't be difficult. However, boosting the cars and getting the girls into them before reinforcements arrive should be a bit hair-raising. The PCs may end up in a high-speed chase trying to ditch the Yaks and/or the Star.

If they get away, then they need to find a way to de-chip the girls and find a place for them to rehab. Plot hooks abound at this point:
  • Girl is daughter of wealthy corp
  • Girl is escaped experiment (a la the 1st Edition module Dreamchipper)
  • Girl is escaped courier (a la the 1st Edition module Mercurial)
  • Girls are nothing special, but go on to make something of themselves. One or more may contact the PCs for help in the future.
  • etc

In any event, an additional Karma award (they're still using Karma these days, right?) is appropriate for rescuing the girls.

or if they know where the Star is, lead the yaks into them.

Other possibilities could include:
Girl is a Medic
Girl was a hacker, wheel man, or supplier before she dropped off the map
Girl may have been an assassin for the Yaks. Instead of killing her off, they chipped her and abused her.

Thanks for the advice guys! They ended up sending them ahead in a 'borrowed' Bulldog to the local Lone Star precinct, and then used some blackmail material they had on the local Ares branch chief to get him to take on rehabilitating the girls as a PR stunt. I personally would have saved that blackmail card, but hey they're the players and I'm just the GM.

As for how to reward them down the line, well the party already has a corp princess and an escaped experiment in it so those two plot hooks are superfluous. But I like the idea of them forming some sort of runner/vigilante group (maybe attacking other bunraku parlours in the city?) and turning them into a contact group. Maybe give them some extra cash from a grateful family next time things get tight too...

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