Ghost Salvage (Re-Recruitment)

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Ghost Salvage (Re-Recruitment)

Ghost Salvage - Forum
D20 Future
Estimated Members Requested: 3

Ghost Salvage is an improvised horror game, I'm making it up as I go along; it has taken a decidedly more Dead Space turn than I imagined, though. What little was concrete in my planning was that it is a 4-6 player game, and right now we have three.

Crash Course on the Story So Far: The setting is the CSS Vandammung, a mining vessel that suddenly went dark. The initial players are the corporate salvage team (LSIR) sent to recover/repair the craft. They have encountered an "undead" monster and are now en route to the damaged reactor core. The Vandammung is equipped with two sentient AIs: Doctor Worm, an insane top-secret system, and DEB, a calm and helpful bio-cybernetic supercomputer.
More in depth information on the setting as well as the on-going game can be found: here

You will be an independent salvage team was leaked information about the Vandammung (your characters have essentially all the information from the briefing) and will be meeting up with the LSIR crew.

Non-combat focused characters will be given preference, as well as combat characters with out of combat use.

Apply here

Game Description:

The ██████ Corporation (SHX Corp.) would like to thank you for joining our Lost Ship Investigation and Rescue team. Whenever we lose contact with one of our many mining vessels, cargo freighters, or combat patrol ships, we send you to discover and eliminate the problem. If the ship is unable to be repaired, you are to recover all important equipment, documents, and materials. Once again, thank you for your contribution to to ██████ Corp.'s Effort For A Better Galaxy!
*All payments are given after each job. Failure of your task results in an immediate fine to make up for costs. If you die, this fine is sent to your next of kin. All convict-workers are exempt from monetary compensation.

this game is a survival-horror game with a plot that is entirely made up as I go along. I do not intend for this to be a serious game and predict that it will probably die. This is game is going to be haphazardly GMed and is predicted to have a short lifespan, but I hope to make it enjoyable while it lasts.

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So looking at the current roster you have two combat units, and a engineer...would a medic fit on this ship or would that seem strange that one just happened to show up?

Medic would be great. As I said, you're an independent salvage team. You just kinda show up, discover everything has gone to hell, and meet the corporate team

oh we're an independent team? I was under the illusion we worked for a corporation, well that can still work...somehow.

Well if you need another engineer maybe with skill in demolition I can fill that spot ?

would you allow the Implant Hack advanced class from Cyberscape? It is a WOTC sanctioned book and not homebrewed.

Implant hack is allowed. Also, a secondary engineer/primary demo-man would fit well.


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