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WoLT: Johnstoning: Tormauz Timeline

Alrighty. I guess we need to determine why they have the master suit, but not the rest of the legion suits (and where they are), and what the powers are of the new set (I'd prefer not to make them identical, though a similar theme would make sense) before we continue too far with the current assertions.

We'll be going with the notion the suits were used in the daemon wars to repel the invaders. Remember, Kedra's sword was confiscated by the demons, the suits however, are a mystery. Please review third age history (linked above) if additional details are desired.

First post makes an assertion please

Ok, like I said, I'm new to this, so this assertion might be a touch specific, but it's sticking close to what's already established, so.

Assertion; Kedra's suit was taken along with her blade by the daemons; but this has tainted the chainmail, and thus the effects of this new 'armour'.

Yes but the orcs have the primary chainmail suit and have reforged it into sewn bits onto their elite legion. (name of elite orc legionaires?)

Yes, and the Bloodfang Legions are considered one of the fiercest legions the orcs have produced thus far.

I am good with the development, I am delaying action to see if twf or mw have anything they want to add...

Alrighty. I would allow that Moral have his turn next, for an assertion, but as he stated he's a little busy, as such I'll drop the next assertion to whoever posts next, including anyone else coming in to join us


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