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working with powers (general thread)

working with powers (general thread)

I have a question about how to read the M&M power descriptors in the archetypes, but I'm chronically unwilling to start a whole thread just for my problem, so I thought I'd at least open the thread to similar kinds of questions. I'm a serious noob to this system, so forgive how dumb-ass this question is, but I'm trying to build a speedster, so I'm just using the archetype in the Hero's Handbook. The power is listed as the following:

"Fast Attack"
Damage 3
Multiattack and Selective on 5 Damage
13 points

My problem is that I can't figure out how this adds up to 13 points. I see 5 points each for Multiattack and Selective, but the ranks of the base power, Damage, is only 3. How can I have 5 ranks of Extras on a 3-rank power? Wouldn't it be 9 points: Damage 3, Multiattack 3, Selective 3? I'm sure I'm fundamentally misunderstanding something, here, and I'd really appreciate some help.

I don't have the book in front of me, but it looks like he already has Strength 2. He is buying Damage 3 (for a total of 5), then he is buying Multiattack and Selective on all 5 points of damage (2 from Strength and 3 from the power).

[Edit] - Basically, if you want to add your Strength bonus in with an existing power (making it "strength based"), and you buy extras on that power, then you have to buy the extras on the Strength as well. This was true in 2e also.

He would have to pay 5 (each) to get Selective and Multiattack on the full ranks of his attack.. The damage is strength based. So he paid 3 for damage, but the full damage of the attack is 5 (the 3 he bought + 2 for his strength), so he'd need to pay 5 points for Multiattack and 5 for Selective in order for it to effect all 5 ranks of the power's damage..

EDIT: WTF, did Law just ninja me again?!?!?

Thanks guys. I understand now. That does make sense.

Okay, I have another one. What are these "sample powers" in blue/green boxes? (I'm a little colourblind.) They look like they're just, y'know, powers, but they're labelled differently and they're out of order. What's so special about them?

Originally Posted by Sample Powers, Page 87, DCA
Spread throughout this section are boxes like this one, providing examples of some of the most common powers found amongst super-hero characters to give you a "menu" of pre-fabricated powers to choose from when creating your own heroes (and villains) in DC Adventures games.
In short, they are sample powers, built with the "took kits" effects given in the book. :-)

So, if you are wondering how to build an Energy Aura, the "Sample Build" little box on page 97 tells you that it is the Damage power bought down to a Reaction. The rest of the text explains how a Reaction Damage power would work.

If you are staring, bug-eyed at the Affliction power and wondering, how could I build a bright flash power that blinds people, the "Sample Build" little box on page 94 suggests that "Dazzle" would be a Ranged, Cumulative Affliction (Impaired, Disabled, Unaware), Limited to One Sense.


The "Sample Builds" are in alphabetical order among themselves, but not in alphabetical order with all the powers.

Thank you. That makes sense now. Is there some bit of text where they actually explain all of that? That little blurb at the beginning of the chapter is not very helpful.

"a 'menu' of pre-fabricated powers to choose from" was what explained it to me. I don't think that is repeated anywhere else.

It is, however, a similar pattern to the way powers are laid out in 2e's Ultimate Power. The first part of the book are "effects" (tool-kity type powers), and the second part of the book are "built" powers (like Force Field, Super Speed, etc.).

For someone who's new to the system, it's not terribly clear. Thanks for helping!

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