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Darkwave Tales: High Tide

Darkwave Tales: High Tide - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion
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The Sea Breeze has been your home, life, and livelihood. An aging merchantman, she's been plying the seas for nearly a century, slowly growing the family wealth and prestige of her owners as ownership and management has been passed from parent to child. Even some of her crew, including her captain, are generational. And now she's gone, stolen by the new first mate and his cronies, her captain dead, and her crew cast adrift in the ocean with little hope for rescue.

The request for a survival-based game has been bandied about, so here you are. The initial part (at least) is going to be a bit different, there is no gear, no gold, and no civilization as you know it. Now before you go and roll up the super-wilds characters you should know that there will be urban occasions further down the road, and much of the campaign will take place on the water. So without further ado, here are the crunchy bits:
  • 20 Point Buy
  • Official Pathfinder Sources (Core, APG, UM, UC, etc.)
  • Dreamscarred Press Pathfinder Psionics
  • Core and Dreamscarred races only
  • No starting gold, no starting gear (muahahaha)
  • Full HP at first level, 1/2+1 base each subsequent level. Example, 1d6 = 4hp, 1d8 = 5hp
  • 1 Trait, 1 Campaign Trait
  • Non-evil

Create a new thread with your character name in the applications folder and please use the application template as a guide for posting your character. A completed sheet is not required, but is highly recommended.

I like to see at least 1 post a day, but life does happen. If there are more 2 days between postings be aware that the game will continue moving along. This takes place on Golarion, so all the standard Pathfinder deities apply.

Game Description:

The Sea Breeze has been your home, life, and livelihood for some time now. You know her crew, her secrets, her quirks, and her whims as well as anyone. But now she's in the hands of someone else. It's time to get her back!

PFS #58709:#1 Vadim
When you say no items , how are you gonna handle classes like a wizard or alchemist? Which seem like really poor options for this.

They are poor options initially, more viable as the group establishes themselves and gain access to some resources. Up to the player to cope, but when you are stuck on a longboat with no supplies, I do mean no supplies.

I've run a similar game before and ended up with a wizard running around in armor cobbled together from tortise shells and giant ant carapaces for him by another player until he could find the materials to make his inks to rebuild his spellbook using (initially) his own shirt. Creative solutions are greatly rewarded.

Definitely interested, I will have an application up shortly. This sounds like a great idea and I've wanted to take part in a sea faring campaign since I read Savage Tide in Dungeon. Got a couple ideas for PCs, need to think on this for a bit.

Hrrm. Interesting. Toying with psionic ideas, since not too many games allow it. Potentially a Wilder or PsyWar.


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