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ADDENDUM: REGARDING PBP OVERLAPThough this is not explicitly laid out in the rules, it has been made clear that you cannot play in two games with one character. You cannot play in another scenario while you are engaged in a PBP scenario with the same character.

For this reason, you are advised to have a separate pool of characters for online and face-to-face play.

ADDENDUM: REGARDING GM AUTHORITY & PLAY STYLEGMs have absolute authority to run their games how they see fit, as long as such modifications conform to the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play. Not all house-rules can be specified, but broad game-changing modifications like group initiative should be clearly spelled out in the Muster. See Example Muster.

If the GM's play style and modifications to the rules seem like they might be a problem for you, please reconsider joining that Muster and waiting for a game that more fits your desired play style. All players are expected to abide by the house rules and GM expectations specified in the Muster, as well as the Site Rules and the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play.

Please do not make unsolicited rules suggestions or criticize your GM, they are trying hard to provide an enjoyable experience for all of the players at the "table."

ADDENDUM: REGARDING PLAYER LIMITATIONSThe number of games each player may participate in at one time will be henceforth limited in an effort to provide space for new players and to encourage GMing.

Max # games = 2 + (#GM'd Scenarios & Modules)

(This means that a player who decides to GM can play in additional games. For example, a player who does not GM may play in up to two games. A player who GMs one game may also play in up to three games... and so on.)
  1. A grace period shall be in effect allowing all players currently Mustered in multi-session arcs to continue to completion those arcs without regard to their maximum number of games allowed. Once the player has finished that arc, he/she must abide by the limits.
  2. Players in Modules recruited by invite-only shall be treated as "home games" and exempt from the limitations. player in Modules recruited by Muster shall not be exempt from this limit.
  3. An allowance shall be made for players who wish to enroll in a Muster whose recruitment has failed to meet the minimum table size (four PCs) within 2 business days. Enrolling in such, a player may exceed his/her limit temporarily only to join that game. This exception does not increase the limit, and may restrict a player from entering another Muster until that game has finished.

    (e.g. John has 3 PCs and does not GM. He is currently in two games, and is at the limit. A Muster that he is interested in has been waiting for a minimum table for 3 business days, and the GM has opened it up to maxed out players. John joins this game with his third Pathfinder Character. Two weeks later, he finishes a game with his first character. He may not join a regular Muster with that character, as he is at his limit due to PCs #2 and #3 currently in a game. He must wait until his finished another game, decides to GM a game, or wait for another Muster seeking the minimum table size.)
  4. If a Muster has met the minimum table size, but is not full, it may be opened as an "Exempt Muster," at the GM's option. The GM may close the Muster at any time he/she wishes.