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Bloodhound is in Complete Adventurer.

D&D 3.5 FR campaign

Apart from in the PHB (Improved Critical), are there any feats that increase the threat range of a weapon? Please no Dragon Magazine stuff.

Even if there was, they wouldnt stack.


background on the library, if this helps.

Only loans out to those people who can pay the registration fee. They hold the expensive, the rare, the out of circulation, etc etc, specialty library. Obviously there will be some people who think "I'll pay this fee, high though it is, its still cheaper than the book I want. Once I have the book I'll keep it and they wont be able to do anything..." and then this is where my character comes into play.

I am aware that they don't stack (I think it's mentioned in the descriptor for Improved Critical). It's just that Improved Critical requires a BAB of +8, which I won't meet till level 9. I'd like to be able to get a better threat range right now at level 6.

NVM: ninja'd

Keen weapon (spell or weapon enhancement) is your best bet.

Sorry for the double post, new question and I want people to realise I've posted one.

Death from Above: You do substantial damage if you deliberately leap down to attack a foe beneath you. You must drop at least 20 feet. You must roll to hit; this qualifies as a charge attack, with all relevant bonuses and penalties. If you hit, you deal damage as normal, plus an extra ld6 points for every 10 feet of distance beyond the first 10 feet; thus, a drop of 30 feet causes an extra 2d6 points of damage. You still take whatever damage you would normally take from the fall, but you can reduce the falling damage with a successful Jump check or Tumble check. You cannot use any ability to slow your fall (such as the monk's slow fall ability, or the feather fall spell) whi le attacking in this manner.
That is a tactical ability from the Roof-jumper feat in City Scape.

My questions are, do you deal weapon damage? and could you combine this with sneak attack?

EDIT: I'm an idiot - "damage as normal" would assume weapon damage

(turned out to be wall-of-text-y, ski the introduction if you don't have the time or patience )

I am a novice to DMing who is planning on running a small campaign with friends in real life. Problem is, for a couple of reasons I won't go into here I have to run the campaign in DnD 4ed rules. I do own a relatively complete library of books for this edition but I don't have any experience DMing with it. One of the books I have is called Dungeon Delve, which consists of a few no-BS dungeons each with three encounters. I thought about running a couple of these dungeons for training myself in the ruleset and polishing my DM skills a bit. Since my friends don't have the time to do it, I thought about running it here.

1)Do you think I can find players who accept to put up with an unexperienced DM?
2) Are these kinds of games well accepted here?
3)What kind of software (if any) do you use to produce the tiles so you can keep track of combat and terrain?

1) There are plenty of players who have the patience and willingness to help out a new GM. Your best bet is to probably run something simple for your first game (like maybe a preconstructed module) so that you can get a feel for things.
2) Just put a thread in the "planning" forum to see if anybody's interested.
3) A lot of people use MapTools, though Ditzie is pretty popular as well.

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