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WoLT Challenge: Unique Artifact

I have an idea about an artifact. I haven't thought it out well, and I have just a few minuts now. So here goes.
It's a human-sized iron statue of a weaponsmith with an anvil and everything. Yup, transporting it should be a challenge. It produces powerfull but limited-use swords. But it only does so if you do it a favor. Some smith built it (tell you later why) and if you do favors to his family, god or nation or smth like that you get favor points and as you acquire them he builds a sword. When the sword is finished it is very powerfull and you can take on opponents much stronger than you, but it can deal only a limited amount of damage before it is destroyed.
Basicly, using this artifact would produce interesting side-plots like finding his descentants, doing them a favor, getting enough resources and people to build a big temple for his god and so on... Because if you don't do that, you just won't be able to take on the leader of the bad guys.
Sorry for any mistakes, I don't have time to review.

@moral, I will get back to you on this, currently swamped with projects.

@ orbens, will like to see the rest of the background for this. Might fit into the Northern Isles.

Originally Posted by World of L_Tiene View Post
Might fit into the Northern Isles.
Thanks, I was hoping for something like this. I will now look into that and see how it could fit in. If you have an idea I don't mind letting you do it.
I just have the skeleton of the story so far. I could change it to fit in better, but I'm not sure if I could make a nice story out of the skeleton.
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, lived a king with three sonsÖ just kidding Ė it was a weapon smith. And there was no one who could match his skill in the whole kingdom/area/something.
One day
itís some important person that fits into your world
VIP1 requested a powerful sword from the smith, and after months/years of work he made the
doesnít have to be, but you get the picture
best sword the world has ever seen. But, as it happened so many times in history, VIP1 was jealous it and didnít want anyone else to have such a powerful sword. So he ordered that the smith be killed.
When the VIP1ís servants/police/army/appropriate people came to his home to take him with them they didnít find him there, because he was at the smithy. It was obvious to his wife and family that those people donít want him any good, so they didnít tell them where he was at first. Then they started torturing them and they had to. But when the people left their home, his family found some way to warn him that they are coming (idk, maybe one of the children ran using some shortcuts or something in that fashion).
When he heard about those people, the smith immediately figured out what was going on. He knew merely running away wouldnít solve his problem. His family would still be in danger. With his hammer in his hands he ran out of the smithy and straight to the VIP1ís residence.
Of course, VIP1 wanted to keep the murder a secret, so his guards and doormen didnít find it strange when the smith came to VIP1ís residence. He said they should let him in and lead him to where VIP1 holds the sword so he could improve it, but they shouldnít tell VIP1 cause itís a
OK, now I see this doesnít sound very well. Iíll change it if you want me to.
surprise.. The guards didnít see any reason not to believe him so they did what he asked them to. I mean, he was carrying his hammer, what else could he use it for?
When they arrived at the room where the sword was placed, he told them to leave him so he could work in peace. After they did so, he walked to the sword raised the hammer high above his head and cling! Metal hit metal with a loud noise. He did it again. And again. Itís only when they heard the noise of a sword breaking that guards figured something was wrong.
Away from VIP1ís residence, Vís people were still searching for the smith. They went to the temple in which he prayed and tried to make the priests tell them where he is. When they didnít, Vís people started destroying the temple and demanding that the priests tell them or otherwise they would burn it.
Back in Vís residence, the smith was taken in front of V with the broken sword as evidence of the crime he did. Just as V was about to finish his order to kill the smith, the smith interrupted him: ďI have another one. A better one. A sword with which I, just an ordinary smith, was able to kill all the people you sent to catch me.Ē
As expected, V ordered the smith to bring him the sword immediately, and his guards to go make sure he does. ďNoĒ, the smith replied. ďFor a sword to work this good it has to be specifically tailored for the man who uses it. I will have to make changes to it first.Ē
When they were at the smithy, the smith just took some random sword and started pretending heís doing what he said he would. At one moment he stopped to take a pee. Of course, that meant he had to empty his pysse pot after he was done. When he walked outside to throw it into the appropriate hole, he used the chance and ran away. The guards werenít particularly interested in watching him pee and throw it out so they didnít notice it soon enough.
When Vís people sent to get the smith returned, it was obvious to V that the smith outsmarted him. The same became obvious to the guards when it seemed to take him too long to empty his pot. But they were all too late, because he was already whit his family escaping from the city.
The smith and his family made their life in another city/country, and made a new smithy for himself where he worked hard just like he used to in the old one. But this time he knew exactly what he wanted to make. He couldnít let his family or the priests of his deity suffer again because of something he made. Eventually, he made it, he made the first temporary weapon. Now he was sure that VIP2, who he sold the sword to, wouldnít try to kill him because he would need another one once this one is destroyed.
He continued making powerful, but temporary swords. He earned a lot that way, but always spent it all on trying to make up for the trouble he caused his family and his religion.
Not a long time passed and he was diagnosed with a deadly disease. As he though he hadnít yet redeemed himself, and he couldnít leave that burden on his sons/daughters as they were the ones he needed to redeem to, he used his last strength to build a piece of iron that could continue what he started. Getting a skillful magic caster to put the last touch on his statue wasnít hard since a lot of powerful people owed him for the swords he made for them.
Now the artifact might be in the hands of some small faction that wouldnít otherwise be significant enough to put on a map or mention. They slowly, very slowly gain favor points by praying to the smiths god, but they donít know where any of his descendants are, and canít build some big temple or something cause they are too few and too weak.
This turned out much, much longer than I expected it to. And I havenít even read anything about the Northern Islands yet. I just got sucked into writing somehow.

I will get to this, but I am so incredibly buried under projects right now it has to wait, sorry


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