Semester Starts - A Divine Blood setting novel, project as it stands...

Divine Blood is going to be my 4th published world setting.

Currently, I'll have the material to publish an ebook copy by at latest December, but hopefully sooner than that.

What I need is art for the print copy.

For those interested in helping out see the Kickstarter Page

For those just interested in the project:

Public Chapters and Concept Art

Divine Blood Music Inspirational Playlist(mostly AMVs but don't actually watch it while writing

There are also split off playlists for: Eija, Deimosu, Naiki and Mao Semezou; Yooji; Damir; Eowyn; Gaetana; Hel; Darrin; Nike; Drak; Keun; Whelan; Minaba; Amber; and, though she only barely appears and not by name, Adelheid. But those are mostly there for the curiosity of others, I usually listen to the full list.

Art Reference Video for the Uniforms in Divine Blood

Art Reference Video for the Bravura Academy kids

Art Reference Video for the Avalon soldiers

Art Reference Video for the Semezou Family

Art Reference Video for the Gods of the first novel

Art Reference Video for the Demons of the first novel.