Waltz of Light and Shadow; Feedback/Brainstorming

Well, I've been kicking this setting idea around for a little while, and I'd be interest in feedback, both on the idea and my write ups thus far. Also, I'm highly interested in thoughts on how to take this concept forward; I've got the basics down, but I think there's potentially quite a lot here to flesh out.

Firstly, the basics. The basic idea, the very basic idea, is a drow take on the themes of A Song of Ice and Fire. However, one of the points about traditional drow that makes them unsuited to something like this is their 'Always Chaotic Evil' default society structure. To let SoIaF themes rise to the fore, a drow focused setting would need several major changes (to the point that calling them drow is stretching things a bit)

So, bullet points on the setting, before I share my (rather poor) current attempts at writing a few things up.
  • Low/no magic, at least by default. Mages exist, but they're rare. They've got quite a bit of power, but all of it's on a personal scale; they can fly, or attack individual foes, but wide ranging magic is well and truly out (even the humble fireball). A smart wizard should focus on knowledge as much as magic.
  • (Note; some great craftsmen use ancestral magical techniques, but again, that's rare)
  • Setting consists of multiple city states, each highly large, and pretty much self-sufficiant. There is interraction between the cities, but travel isn't exactly easy, regular people aren't likely to relocate
  • Geography is strange; the drow appear to be underground, but some areas appear to hold starlight, and ceilings that are impossible to reach. There are large lakes/oceans, and the occasional naval battle has occured.
  • (Note; leaving the 'shadowland' is possible, but only by a few people. Cause of this is unknown)
  • Church is less dominant (no magic, or direct intervention) but still a magor force. Faith emphasises community and sticking together, D&D wise, it'd probably be NG

And now, my rather poor write ups. Firstly, a 'creation myth'

And a little religious bit

And a couple of 'life within' segments