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How-to GURPS power?

How-to GURPS power?

Quick GURPS power question that I was trying to puzzle out:

Had considered this for a PC in development, but nixed it b/c I spent my points building the basic concept, and it was low on the list of powers I wanted - and I couldn't figure out how to make it happen!

I'm basically looking for a power that would allow it's owner to use a Ready or Concentrate maneuver and "lock" himself in place for a short time - Huge bonuses vs. knockback and being moved by outside forces, and if he found himself falling, he could literally stop himself in midair (not maneuver, but just hover in place). Basically he thinks "stop", and stops himself from moving, either until he thinks "go" (or the equiv.), or time runs out.

I had considered a variation on Binding, with some sort of limitation to be self only, requires concentration, persistent(?)... That might add STR against knockback, etc, depending on GM fiat - and might need an additional enhancement to work for the falling through midair problem - but it seems the initial intent is as an attack to immobilize others, which seems like a different concept. (And yes, I know there would be other problems, too - not being able to change facing (minor issue), and with the limitations listed, not being able to turn it off before the persistent time ran out...)


Binding does stop you. But the binding level is the str you have to hold what ever in place. Binding is not limited to psionics, it can be any power type, an energy cage, ice block, telekinesis. Sink a lot of points into binding, use your limitations, and then use the points from your limitations to up the level a second time. It also can work if you have a primary power, and make binding an alternate ability/attack. But your limited to the max level of your primary power.

What about the Time Mastery power (Powers p. 135) or Altered Time Rate (p. 41)? Temporal stasis with self-only might be one basis for what you are seeking (p. 118). Also, the Time Mastery power provides other interesting abilities such as communication with the past or future, Freezing an opponent in place, and Time-Jumping yourself.

It looks like the poster wants to be able to act while stopped. Temporal stasis stops you alright but allows you to do nothing.

Binding or Telekinesis would be the best powers to use. Binding simply holds something. Telekinesis could hold you up. Either power with the right limitations would work best.

I'd go with some kind of combination of levitation and a strength bonus with immobile as a temporary disadvantage limitation.

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