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The Walking Dead -Season 2

The Walking Dead -Season 2

Not sure if this is in here/somewhere else yet but ok.

Anyone else super super super super super super super super super excited for it? And what's your speculations on the season premier based on the vids shown thus far????

My kids and I are excited to see it. They've already deviated pretty far from the comic so I don't really know what to expect. I don't mind the deviation, don't get me wrong. I'm comfortable not having any expectations. I do, however, think that working the prison into the show would be a good idea.

I'm actually more interested IF they deviant from the comics. The comics got really just grinding levels of depression after they prison. The author fell far to in love with his 'find group of survivors, KILL THEM ALL, repeat' arc.

My friends were enraged about the deviations, I found them quite nice. Hope Shane... 'gets his story wrapped up' soon.

Very excited for this! I have never read the graphic comics but HAVE read and discussed the differences between them and the AMC show. I am in the group that (so far) enjoys the changes. The characters are what keep the show so interesting IMHO, but the zombies are pretty cool too.

I've been counting this down since last November. Got the dvd as soon as it came out too. My girlfriend and I are even being zombies for Halloween. She's gonna be Patient 0 and I'm being an infected nurse. It's gonna be awesome!

I haven't seen all of the first season, though after the marathon this afternoon, I've seen most. It seems uneven to me. The beginning was excellent, but the middle of the season really slumped in terms of tension, plot progress, and my interest. I am watching the last two episodes of the season now, and it has really picked up in my opinion. I'm looking forward to the new season launching in an hour.

We've got all the windows open and all the lights out. A warm blanket, a bottle of wine, and the Walking Dead. Great evening. :-D

Enjoy Law! Found the DVD first and watched the whole season (six episodes) in one afternoon. Got seriously hooked. Checked out the graphic novel, comics were cool but I didn't get into the story. 39 minutes to go!

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