Remove partial actions at encounter start?

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Remove partial actions at encounter start?
Yes, remove it, we can take full actions head on, bring it!!! 3 25.00%
Er... no, keep it, I promise I'll do only partial actions at the start from now on. 7 58.33%
Another poll... seriously? 2 16.67%

Remove partial actions at encounter start?

Well... not to (which I totally am it feels) but I think we're having troubles with the partial action at the start of an encounter, this 'rule' is in place mostly for your protection.

If you'd feel better playing without it I don't mind, really I don't, that way I won't as much when I see the omission

I'm fine with it, I just think a simple and clear reminder at the start of the encounter would be approrpriate. Something like:

Players GO, Partial Actions only! (No Full Round or 1 Round actions)

Or any other suitably worded, short, concise, warning

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