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Adventurers wanted!

The City of Doors - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Greetings Weavers, I welcome you to come explore the largest sandbox of all, the multiverse!

I am looking for a handful of small adventuring parties of all stripes. PCs parties may start off literally anywhere in the 'verse and champion any cause. For those not familiar with the planes I highly recommend starting somewhere in the Forgotten Realms.

Game Description:

The City of DoorsSigil is located atop the Spire in the Outlands. It has the shape of a torus; the city itself is located on the inner surface of the ring. There is no sky, simply an all-pervasive light that waxes and wanes to create day and night. Sigil cannot be entered or exited save via portals; although this makes it quite safe from any would-be invader, it also makes it a prison of sorts for those not possessing a portal key. Thus, sometimes Sigil is called "The Cage". Though Sigil is pseudo-geographically located "at the center of the planes" (where it is positioned atop the infinitely tall Spire), scholars argue that this is impossible since the planes are infinite in all dimensions, and therefore there can never truly be a center to any of them, let alone all of them; thus, Sigil is of no special importance. Curiously, from the Outlands one can see Sigil atop the supposedly infinite Spire.

Sigil contains innumerable portals that can lead to anywhere in the Dungeons & Dragons cosmology: any bounded opening (a doorway, an arch, a barrel hoop, a picture frame) could possibly be a portal to another plane, or to another point in Sigil itself. Thus, the city is a paradox: it touches all planes at once, yet ultimately belongs to none; from these characteristics it draws its other name: "The City of Doors".

The ruler of Sigil is the mysterious Lady of Pain. The Lady is sometimes seen in Sigil as a floating, robed Lady with a face bearing a mantle of blades. The Lady does not concern herself with the laws of the city; she typically only interferes when something threatens the stability of Sigil itself. However, she is an entity of inscrutable motives, and often those who cross her path, even accidentally, are flayed to death or teleported to her hidden Mazes, lost forever. It is widely believed that she never speaks, although some unconfirmed (and, most would argue, highly questionable) rumours to the contrary do exist. Sigil is also highly morphic, allowing its leader to alter the city at her whim.

Sigil is, theoretically, a completely neutral ground: no wars are waged there and no armies pass through. Furthermore, no powers (such as deities) can enter into Sigil; the Lady has barred them from the Cage, though some disguised avatars have made it in and been promptly dispatched by the lady. It is also of great interest to them, as they could use Sigil to send their worshippers anywhere, and it is at the center of the Outer Planes. Of course, Sigil is hardly peaceful; with such a condensed population, consisting of everything from angelic devas to demonic glabrezu, violence is common, usually befalling the foolhardy, the incautious, or the poor. Most natives of Sigil ("Cagers") are quite jaded as a result of living there.

People coming to Sigil from the Prime Material Plane are often treated as clueless inferiors by the planar elitists who dwell there. They are thus widely referred to as the "Clueless", or more charitably, as "Primes".

Sigil is divided into six districts, called wards:

* The Hive Ward, the slum and the ghetto, home to the poor, the rogues, and the unwanted dregs of the city.
* The Lower Ward, an industrial district, clogged up with the smoke from the foundries and from the portals to the Lower Planes.
* The Clerk's Ward, an affluent district, home to most of the city's lower-rung bureaucrats and middlemen.
* The Market and Guildhall Wards are the home to the traders, craftsmen, artisans, guild members and other members of the middle class.
* The Lady's Ward, the richest and most exclusive section of the city, is home to the elites of society and of its government.
(the above information from Wikipedia)

Factions and Organizations

Factions as described in the original boxed setting. The Faction Wars never happened.

If the organization has a base of operations, it is listed in parentheses.

The Steeple - (Lady's) An association of Celestials dedicating to helping the impoverished and downtrodden.
The Playground - (Lower) A business run by Devils, known for its hedonistic tendencies.
The Underworld - (Unknown) Sigil's most successful crime "family." All of its known important members are intelligent undead.
Universal Education Center (Clerks) - Sparsely populated building dedicated to helping all intelligent beings better themselves--mostly they distribute pamphlets.
Celestial Bureaucracy, Sigillian Office - (Clerks) the local connection for the "Chinese" mythology.
Planewalker's Guild - (Market) Headquarters is on the Infinite Staircase, but they have a thriving hall in Sigil.
Winter Circus - Performance artists a la the Cacophony Society.
The Orpheum - (Guildhall) Sigil's bardic university, containing 12 separate colleges.
Venturans - (Hive) Combatants who have survived at least 5 fights at Venture's (gladiatorial fighting arena). A brotherhood of killers.
Thrice-Damned - (Lower) A small association of beings who provide paralegal substances such as addictive drugs and poisons.
Brotherhood of the Notched Blade - (Lower) Veteran soldiers who gather at the Notched Blade private club in the Lower Ward.
Path of Enlightenment - (Lady's) A multidenominational monastery and retreat.
Gardener's Rest - (Market) An Inn catering to nature-lovers.

Most deities have some followers in Sigil, and there are over a thousand temples and shrines.

Useful Links
Awesome site for Planescape info
Planescape Lingo

Basic Premise: Welcome to the Sandbox of the entire 'verse. I am looking for a handful of adventuring parties two to three players strong. Teams will be pieced together after characters are created but working on backgrounds with another is encouraged. I am using the original factions (pre-faction war). Applicants should take some time getting familiar with link Planewalker dot com.

Level: 12
Gestalt: LA / Racial HD allowed on one side. Fractional BAB / Saves.
Rule 11: Pre-mod Stats ranging from 7 to 18. You may have no more than two odds. And your total stat mods = 11. Example: Str 18, Dex 14, Con 15, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 17.
Alignments: Any
Materials: XPH, Core, Completes, FR, Eberron, etc. Good homebrew is also acceptable.
Races: Virtually
In short, I'm looking for characters that feel "Planescape" to me. Recommended: Aasimar, Bariaur, Githzerai, Khaasta, Modron Outcast, Tiefling.
Classes: The party should cover the classic four roles...
Feats: Everybody gains a
In addition to the standard feats at 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, etc. And in addition to any other bonus feats you are entitled to by classes, templates, etc
Bonus Feat per level. Regional (FR) Feats may only be taken at level 1. You may have up to two Regional Feats, don’t worry about meeting region requirements. You may only select a Tome Feat using your standard feat progression, with the exception of classes that give Tome Feats. No flaws or traits allowed.
Cohorts (and Spawn): Rule 9 (as R11, but less so), Gestalt. Spawn are restricted in all ways as a Cohort. Keep your cohort builds simple. No more than two classes (base or PrC) per side.
Followers: Elite Array (before racial mods: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8); non-gestalt; Core PC classes.
Skills: no distinction between class and non-class skills. No synergies.

acrobatics (balance, tumble), appraise, athletics (climb, jump, swim), autohypnosis, bluff, concentration, craft, decipher script, diplomacy, disable device (includes Open Lock; Int), disguise, forgery,
no longer a skill. Anybody can attempt to “gather info” using any skill they can justify
gather information
, handle animal, heal, iaijutsu focus, intimidate, knowledge (arcana; includes psionics), knowledge (architecture and engineering), knowledge (dungeoneering), knowledge (geography), knowledge (history), knowledge (local: choose a location), knowledge (nature), knowledge (nobility and royalty), knowledge (planar), knowledge (religion), legerdemain (escape artist, sleight of hand, use rope), perception (listen, spot), perform, profession, ride, search, sense motive, speak language, spellcraft (includes psionics), stealth, survival, use magic device (includes psionics)

Tome of Necromancy, Tome of Fiends, Races of War (be sure to check out "The Failure of Feats" section), Dungeonomicon

For (free) Download: Tome of Awesome
A lot of stuff from the D&D Wiki is not "real" Tome material and as such much be asked about.

Character Applications
example app
Race / Template(s):
Class / Role:
Background: I am a very reactive DM, interesting backgrounds and characters may receive more interesting adventures.
Team Background: To be fleshed out with the rest of your band. What great deeds have you done? Who have you royally pissed off? Inquiring DMs want to know.
Description: This is *not* an invitation to post a pic. In fact I would rather you didn't. If you absolutely must, put it in a Spoiler tab.
Personality: What makes your PC click?

Loved ones: Family, friends, neighbors. People who might depend on your PC in a time of crisis. ECL 5 or less. Non-gestalt.
Nemesis: Someone who is or was out to get your PC. Potential BBEG/BBGG types. ECL 15+ Gestalt.
Rivals: From friendly rivals in your chosen vocation to bitter enemies, but not powerful enough to threaten the entire party. ECL 13. Non-gestalt.

"I've been too long I'm glad to be back!"
Posting interest for now. I'll look into this depending on how the eggs I have in other baskets turn out.

Definitely interested, anyone up for teaming with a Drow sorcerer of some flavor?

If you want drow, we need to bring you into the fold. DB has run one Drow Gestalt game, and Jreece IS running one. The links should be in their gaming history.

Anyway, Totally interested, totally out of time. I'll find a way though. I swore never to miss another of DB's games again.

100% awesome!

Psionics allowed?

Studying for a midterm, but a sheet will be upcoming. Going with a Lesser Zenthyri Cleric 6/Gunslinger 6||Magic Marksman 12 (the last two are homebrew, and posted in the applications section).

Interested! Will post skeleton app soon.

Current idea:

Side 1: Air Genasi 1 / Psion 5 / Slayer (6)
Side 2: Factotum 3 / Lurk 9

To fill a skill-monkey and striker role.

I got a Lv.14 gestalt Half-Dragon Ogre Mage that I can shave two levels off each side. If you accept the concept that is. His background has him living on the Baalor plane currently with his familiar fire elemental. I have applied him to a bunch of games and really really want to use him lol

Side 1: Ogre Mage/8, Half-Dragon/2 Sorcerer/4
Side 2: Cleric/8, Sorcerer/2, Cleric/4

Built using GitP (Giant in the Playground) Improved monster classes. Linked below.
Ogre Mage

Cannot avoid trying to build something for this game. Nope, just can't do it. Just what though... now that's the tricky part

Isn't a Gestalt Tome game a bit overkill?

The best way to represent a powerful race I've found is to first make a LA 0 representation of that race (the tome Theifling for instance) and then add in monster class like a Fiedish Brute or True Fiend if you wish to have a demon or a Monstrous Humanoid and Magical Beast for other monsters (the later two were made by Koumei and can be found here).
Dominicius: if misused, absolutely. The goal with such PCs is not UBER POWERZ LOL, it is versitility and cool off the wall stuff you can't normally do. Like make a "frackin' demon" (Lesser Tiefling or Tome Tiefling True Fiend | Conduit) for example. Uber builds need not apply. In the end it is a fine line, and one that not even I am perfect at finding.

... would be my 2nd gestalt tome game I'm in

Drowbane: I'll ask right up front - Monster Makeover Beholder?. Don't know what ECL you'd assign to him, but I could work up a progression. Mind you, ebing a Tome game, ECL 13 works (just don't give him the Barrage Initiative until he levels?)
Wippit Guud: with all respect to Mike Mearls, I hate his monster makeovers. I will consider allowing a single Beholder to this game (no beholder cohorts either). Since this is the 2nd or 3rd game you've asked me for this, you have dibs.

Are you limiting the source material to just core (PHBI & II, DMG I & II, MMI-MMV), XPH and the tomes?
JCBarnes: No, I got distracted when i was updating the Source Material section and accidently left it at "XPH, Core,".

Also, one thing you've forgot to mention. Is necromancy
I would prefer if it were evil...
evil in this setting or is it neutral?
Dominicius: excellent question. Necromancy is EVIL. There may be non-evil practitioners, but they walk the edge of the knife daily. On a related note "the Deathless" do not exist. Good Undead do, but are relatively rare. Good Undead detect as both Evil and Good if detected for both.

What is your ruling of classes from Dragonlance?
rob98926: I am not a book snob, any material may be considered by merit alone. What do you have in mind?

100% awesome!

Psionics allowed?
Dastir: Yes, I would ban Magic before Psionics. You might notice that in the Source Material allowed, XPH is before Core. Not an accident.

I got a Lv.14 gestalt Half-Dragon Ogre Mage that I can shave two levels off each side. If you accept the concept that is. His background has him living on the Baalor plane currently with his familiar fire elemental. I have applied him to a bunch of games and really really want to use him lol

Side 1: Ogre Mage/8, Half-Dragon/2 Sorcerer/4
Side 2: Cleric/8, Sorcerer/2, Cleric/4

Built using GitP (Giant in the Playground) Improved monster classes. Linked below.
Ogre Mage
Zeldarian: They look fine. Do not attempt to cover both of your energy weaknesses (Regen) with immunities. Such a character is liable to die of heart attack... or Hellfire.


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