Part 4: The Old Sycamore


I would guess more watch dog than pet, though one never knows. I hope your companion is okay Skapti, he has proven to be a faithful companion. Vortek looks somewhat worried about the dog though he wonders if the halflings attempt to help are doing anything more than making a mess. Pulling out a small rag Vortek wipes down his sword before placing it back in its sheath.

Looking at the eggs he it tempted to start stamping on them to prevent the birth of any more of the vile little creatures but holds off since he doubts that action will help them make friends with whatever else lives down here. If something was raising and caring for these creatures it confirms that there are intellegent creatures living down here. I can only hope they forgive us for destroying their bugs.

"Like I said earlier, mites. Not sure if I've ever heard of them doing anything like keep pets before..." Missoi
Know (Nature):
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 12 (Total = 18)
tries to recall word of a similar instance.

Brushing dirt from his fauchard, he says, "Well, shall we continue?"


Itomo surveys the cave once the last of the vermin were dispatched, calling up to Zarina and Magnolia he says. "I think that's the last one, there is an awful stench but it seems safe. The only wound I think we sustained was to dog." Itomo walks the perimeter of the light looking for clues about the occupants. "In any case I agree we should examine the extent of these caves.

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Magnolia the Scrunched Up

Magnolia holds his nose as he enters the cave, ironic considering the man himself hasn't bathed in... a while. He takes a look around and says nothing, waiting patiently. He waves a hand to get rid of his previously cast spell.

Dismiss Grease if it wasn't obvious

Zarina Ka'thar

If Zarina's stomach was rolling before, it was heaving now - greatly, as she moved into the dung-laden room. She peered curiously at the eggs, hardly daring to breathe as she tried to determine how long it would be until they hatched. A wave of nausea caused her to pause in her investigation, sending her running instead to Itomo's side, hurriedly trying to find a sachet of dried petals from within her pack. Finding a small pouch of still-fragrant though brittle blossoms, she tucked it into her scarves and inhaled, trying to get a few better-smelling breaths of air. The tiny Varisian was looking a little green, leaning her head tiredly against Itomo's arm. "I hope it smells better than this place, whatever it is we find further in."

Casting a worried look at Dog, Zarina sighed regretfully. "I wish I had learned how to cure poison before we came here." Glancing at Skapti, she asked, "I could try to cure him once my nausea passes, if you'd let me." In truth, despite her desire to help the barbarian's companion, the oracle was slightly worried about working on such a malodorous canine. Though given the present circumstances, Dog could be a slight improvement.

Dice Roll: 1d20+5z
d20 Results: 17 (Total = 22)
Nature (22) to check if those eggs will hatch soon and cause problems later.

Dice Roll: 1d20+5 1d3
d20 Results: 15 (Total = 20)
d3 Results: 3
Dog's Fortitude] Dog still felt bad but it seemed that the poison had done all the damage it would on the hardy canine.

Zarina notes that the eggs are still far from incubation, they should not fear anything from then soon.


Itomo smiles despite the stench as Zarina steps up beside him. "Lets get on with this, the sooner we get out of this room the better. How much light do we have, I think I might have a couple torches back on ferber but that's it, do we have more of those light sticks? How long do they emit light?"

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Magnolia the Scrunched Up

Magnolia keeps quiet about the whole "light" thing, too. Point of fact, he can see perfectly well in the dark. In fact, the sunrod and torches are generally annoying him, messing with his vision. Magnolia sits down in the room and looks at the others. He's already smacked his head a few times, and the crap on his robes won't really bother him any more than the assorted stains already covering them.

"I can make ..." he looks over at Skapti, and remembers the whole 'magic' thing. He'd been about to offer to make a color spray, as part of a snarky comment, but decided that just keeping quiet for now was a good idea. A rare feat for the often-misspoken mage.

Skapti looks up at Zarina, "You welcome to try, but Dog looking better now. See Dog?" Skapti lectures the stiffly moving Dog, "Is like Skapti tell. You not dead, so you must be stronger!"

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"The sunrods last about 6 hours. I have one more, which we can use if necessary, but I wouldn't mind saving if possible." Turning to Magnolia, he says, "I know that some magic-folk are capable of creating their own lights - might you be able to?"

At best, popping the question gives Magnolia an excuse, at worst, it creatures an awkward moment for him (what else is new), so I figured what the hey.

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