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Game Idea: Iron Kingdoms using Ice and Fire Rules

Game Idea: Iron Kingdoms using Ice and Fire Rules

Hey guys! I'm planning on jury-rigging an Iron Kingdoms game using Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying mechanics. Any suggestions? It seems that the mechanics for making Houses are just as easy to use for making factions or other types of organizations with minor tweaking here and there. And as for character generation, one need only add abilities for magic while qualities are all you need to depict training with firearms and handling Warjacks and so on and so forth.

Suggestions, suggestions, suggestions. And oh, someone push me, I'm a lazy bastard.

I could be wrong but...

THIS might be better suited to your needs...

You're reinventing the wheel when the wheel seems to be in good working order already...

It seems like it would be a lot more work to reinvent the system that is already there... even if you don't like it exactly as is, you could always mod it with some house rules...

It's not that I don't like it, it's more that I want to play in a Full Metal Fantasy game but with Ice and Fire mechanics.

well, generally speaking, when you shift a setting to a new system you are going to lose a lot of the unique feel to the game. Unique system imbalances associated with the setting won't transfer to a new system, which will make the game feel different.

Do what you like though. I just recommend that when a system is available one uses it for that exact reason.

Ever play Vampire but with GURPS? It feels weird, because things don't work the same... they even try and come close, but it doesn't work right, and that mod was made by pros...

Again though, LIPS applies here.

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