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3E vs 4E should I upgrade?

3E vs 4E should I upgrade?

So, it has been just a little while since I have last gamed. It has been even longer since I have looked at anything new. My big question is should I commit to GURPS 4th edition? Is it truly an improvement or a money making shceme? I know they will probably never convert everything to 4E. How hard is it to convert things yourself? I am specifically thinking about the materials that they published for whitewolf. Any thoughts?

There are some significant changes. Some things that were fairly common houserules (HP based off of ST and Fatigue off of Health instead of the other way around, for one example) are now official. Attribute costs are now linear, and DX and INT cost double. The biggest changes are in the way powers are integrated into the basic system instead of getting tacked on. Some things update easily, others don't. I'm pretty sure anything that was in the White Wolf conversions can still be done in 4e, but you'd definitely need to convert it yourself, you could not use it as is and they ain't getting that license again, so no official update. I feel it's a worthwhile upgrade, despite having 40+ 3rd edition books (I'd feel more that way if I ever actually played the game any more. Sigh) but YMMV. I will say that as far as I know, all the GURPS games on the Weave are 4e. Might have something to do with the small (but quite active) number of players.

The 4 e system is much more integrated than 3rd edition- although some published perks are still game breakers in terms of getting too much for what you spend. Definitely worth upgrading.

As a vet of both, I highly recommend upgrading to 4th ed.

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