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Last Person In the World

Last Person In the World

So just been thinking for a time about running my first epic or near epic-leveled campaign.

Every player will be the last of their race in their world. The world may be dying, their peoples killed off, a horrible plague, or any other catastrophe. Perhaps the world is simply old, and the player is a rare immortal, outliving everyone else.

Each player would then be given an opportunity to leave the world, be rescued, what have you.

It's there that I begin to get fuzzy with what happens next. Perhaps they are to be taken to a sort of library of the multiverse to record their knowledge of their world before it is lost. Maybe they are being collected as a sort of 'exhibit'. Perhaps they were preparing to end their life but a being from a higher plane came down to take them back to life away from their dying world.

At this point just trying to brainstorm.

It'd be a 3.5 campaign, and thinking maybe even a Spelljammer campaign.

In fact, considering making it an ECL 20 campaign, but saying they have to each have the Immortal Template] that I wrote up. That'd mean some 12 class/LA levels along with it. Thinking of changing their regeneration to something less mundane. They can choose under which method they can be killed. Instead of acid, perhaps cold, or maybe they don't regenerate from cold iron or blue ice or in areas of dim lighting.

Idea for this concept was actually sparked by viewing of The Islander by Nightwish music video.

Anyways, open to suggestions and discussion.

Pirate ship is collecting specimens for the gallactic zoo. The PC's must escape the ship and take it over (they are floating around the astral sea or something in spelljammer) and they release themselves and potentially the other captives.

Some stay on as crew, others want to move on and try and lead normal lives so they drop them at a starbase or something, insert fun planetary adventure that they have to flee from.

Now they have enemies (the friends of the captain they slew, and his cartel and whoever they just upset on that planet), and now their freebooting freedom fighter space pirates trying to make a difference by bringing goodness and justice to an otherwise dark realm of slavery. Drop a few high seas adventures.

Along the way with the plot you drop hints about some greater danger that threatens to consume all (the nothing, neverending story) and they go off and battle the force of nature and turn back the tides of the evil destructive force, for now, and save the day, see you later have a nice day.

Dude. You just sumarized an entire subsection of the scifi genre. Awesome.

What can I say? Farscape was one of my personal favorite guilty pleasures. Also, you managed to remind me of Pirates of Dark Water.

I... just released four kinds of bodily fluids from three seperate locations right now.

Hmm, some interesting ideas. Wanting to dramatize at least the beginning though. Tie in the beginning adventures to them being the last of their kind and having some significance to the plot.

For instance, some of the Inevitables are made to come after those who have 'cheated' death. To be rescued after even these immortals were about to kick the bucket could have them enraged. Problem is... I hate the Inevitables basically being robots and the entire concept of Mechanus is ludicrous.

Farscape was one of my personal favorite guilty pleasures.
Y'know, I've heard of Farscape, but never actually looked it up. Not a clue what pirates of dark water is though.

I... just released four kinds of bodily fluids from three seperate locations right now.
I better call the pirates...

Farscape is awesome. One of the truly good scifi (mostly) sitcoms out there. Campy, unoriginal, but somehow still awesome. Kinda like Stargate (and then after the show went offline, the two lead actors actually moved over to stargate... so now they're even MORE alike).

As to pirates of dark water- cartoon. Had evil black goo that basically ate everything. The stuff wasn't exactly alive, but it acted like it sometimes. In a bizarre slime that would grab things, digest them, and grow larger. The heroes had to collect shiny stones macguffins that killed the stuff on contact. While being chased by crazy pirates and doing all kinds of other neat stuff. And of course the obligatory scantily clad hot chick with magic powers character. Basically: warrior, rogue, mage. Also a monkeybird. Which was pretty much a VASTLY less annoying obligatory sentient animal sidekick.

Ah, the childhood memories. Late 80s/early 90s... the golden age of american animation...

Also, when in doubt about anything, there is the power of wiki. So that anyone can pretend to know something (remotely accurate) about anything!

I think, Silkspinner, you just found your first enthusiastic player

Would encourage tana to boot himself from the thread to avoid spoilers

Not sure if the series ever completed, but Pirates of Dark Water ranked fairly high up on my cartoon scale.

For some reason, when I think about this cartoon, I immediately think about watching Treasure Planet...and I don't know why.

Well, unless the game module changes a *lot*, I probably won't actually play. I... really hate really high level games. Lvl 15 is where I want to *end* a 3.5 game. Not where I want to *start* one.

We'll see what the final plan here ends up being before I make any absolute judgements, however.

Great... Thanks Walt... Not only is futurama now in my head but I need to find that short story about the zoologists collecting alien life forms for an intergalactic zoo and running across creatures that are made out of
Humans... Stupid aliens all being made out of metal/plant matter/cartilage.
meat and make weird squishy noises.

I remember the aliens deciding nothing made out of meat that appears to be able to communicate with each-other, could be good for the universe... then they decide to mark earth off as uninhabited.

I do what I can


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