Character Creation

Character Creation

Use the Serenity character sheet.

Your PC lives in Florida, anywhere north of Orlando, and is a member of the 22nd Brigade of the Florida National Guard (fictional unit designator) currently deployed to Jacksonville as Hospital security. Your PC doesn't need to be from Florida, just live there.

Start at the Recruit level with everything civilian oriented, job and hobbies, etc.. Leave all the military training off the sheet for now.

A short (two or three paragraphs) bio.

Name: Bartholomew Korban IV aka Pastor Bart
Civilian Job: Pastor
Age: 27

When building your backgrounds, you should know that the limitied space I refered to that the PCs would start the game in is a medevac helicopter. There are only nine people on this chopper. They are:

Crew Chief (in charge of the chopper)
Flight Nurse (in charge of the patients)
Doctor (ride along)
Victoria Miltimore (Patient)
Ashley Miltimore (Patient)
Two Military Police

The Doctor and the two patients are NPCs. You can choose among the others for your PC. The chopper crew are members of the 22nd Brigades Air Mobile Squadron nicknamed 'Dustoff'. The MPs are from the 222nd MP Company nicknamed 'Triple Deuce'. Once again these are fictitious unit designators. The commander of the 22nd Brigade is Brigadier General Howard Miltimore. Victoria is his wife and Ashley is his daughter. His only son was a marine platoon leader KIA in the battle of Fallujah. He is greatly respected by just about everyone in his command.

Name: Daniel Steele
Age: 26
Classification: Military Police
Still not completely done but here is the working copy of the sheet...

Name: Amy Brewer
Age: 24

When everybody has submitted thier sheet to the game, I'll go through and add the military training and complete the opening game post.

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