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3.5 Spell list program - beta (WIP)

Sorry, been away from the net, but been working on the program.


I was thinking of doing somthing like that. I was actually working on normal saving and loading programming as a pre requisite to having a spellbook like that. Got the code working for saving and loading the normal spell list.

Still working and still here. Cleaned up alot of the formatting over the weekend and also added most of the PhB spell's. I still need to do a little work on it as the copy and paste function is not foolproof by a long shot, so currently going though them to get up the full database. Going to get to work on adding the info from the Wizards spell index online this week. So going to get 1.0 functionality going fairly soon.

Edit :Once the spelllist is finished, I'll upload, hopfully later tonight. Though Skyward Sword may put payed to that idea =D


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