World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

Latest Farland Update

Time for another update! This month, we give you:

  • New art of Kale City and Dragonspur City
  • A new NPC, Daug-Dagoth the Oni Mage Werebear
  • New fiction, The Die is Cast (by our own Agricolus)

Check it out here:

Game on!

Thank you... just published on the web, but lots of people over the years have contacted me and told me they set their games in the World of Farland.

Thank you! There is some really good fiction up on the site.

It's update time! This month, we bring you:

  • New art of Flamgart, god of fire
  • A new NPC, Karoxfang, ruler of Stor-gris
  • New fiction, Chance Encounters (by our own Agricolus)

Check it out here:

Roll those dice!

What do you mean what happened to it? The site is active and an update is coming soon, if that answers your question.

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