Here we go.

Reminder, Fieldsets marked flavor are for entertainment purposes only. They are not PC knowledge, just a bit o' writing to set the scene.

Thanks, Padre.

Selwyn, not sure if you want to the the rolling or if you want us to do ourselves. If you want us to do it, just let me know what roll you want me to make (first aid, general practice, something else) for Amy inspecting the patient more thoroughly.

If you roll without being asked, you risk a critical failure on a task that may have been a gimme. I usually ask when the task impacts the story in a certain way. Attacks will always be rolled, some others will only be sometimes. Right now, the situation is set according to how I want the begining to procede. If you try a complex action, I might just roll it for you in your private thread (so you can see) and then post the result IG.

Due to the non combat nature of the mission, Bart's pistol (Beretta) is in his kit bag. Billy never drew his pistol from the unit arms room, but you've known him in the past to bring a personal firearm against regs.

Okay, updating after church and throughout the rainy afternoon. Working twelve hours (6am to 6pm plus commute) the next two days, so updates mon & tue will be in the evening only. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (for the Americans don't know if everyone is from around here)

@Padre: The pilots name is Bart, Billy was his co-pilot who is now among the dead.

Make a list of what equipment that each of the PCs is carrying. I'll allow reasonable stuff, but let's not get carried away.

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