Trading at Oleg's

Trading at Oleg's

These are guidelines for trading at Oleg's Bookkeping will be easier as there will no longer be a need to keep track of each item Oleg sells at his trading post.


At the adventure’s opening, Oleg's Trading Post had a small amount of trade goods and coins available. As a trading post
owner, Oleg is happy to buy anything the you find during your exploration, from looted weapons and armor to magic items
taken from treasure caches.

As the adventure progresses, Oleg is able to sell his own stock to traveling merchants and even receives a loan from agents in Restov to increase his holdings. Oleg will have enough resources to purchase 800 gp worth of goods per week. If you exceed this number, Oleg can arrange to have additional funds delivered from Restov in a week.


Over time, as word of the your exploration of the Greenbelt spreads, and as you begin selling more and more at Oleg’s, the trading post’s ability to provide things that you want will increases as well. Oleg and Svetlana have a keen eye for the types of things that adventurers want, and it’s easier to simply assume that the trading post has 1000 gp worth of standard goods every week, comprising all manner of weapons, armor, and gear. This amount replenishes every week, increasing by 200 gp each time it replenishes to a maximum of 2,000 gp after 5 weeks.

If the any of you wish to purchase something more expensive than the trading post’s current capacity, Oleg can place a special order for the item and it will be available for purchase in a week's time.

Example - Oleg's Stock

Jaared will purchase and sell the following items from Oleg's

700 gp Oleg's Stock
075.00 gp Light horse
002.00 gp Javelin
623.00 gp Stock

700.00 gp Oleg's Funds
040.00 gp - 8x Leather Armors (5 gp)
660.00 gp Funds

Whenever each of you wants to buy something with your funds make a post in the bookkeeping thread using the last known values for Oleg's Stock.

Usually your group's bookkeeper will do the selling after you reach a consensus. He/she will use the last known value for Oleg's Funds.

I'll refresh after each week Oleg's stock and funds.

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