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MW Starter Module

WoLT, If you still need some DMs, I'll eventually send along a sample of my writing and I would love to be a part of this.

We're more looking for writers than DMs.

I do need DMs for another project though.

Right, I'll get right on that. Sorry about the misplaced post.

Just wanted to pop in and offer up my abilities to write as well as playtest/GM things in the future. Not much of a post but wanted to make myself available.

I heard tale that you need people with publishing experience. I have layout, publishing (module and sourcebook in pdf form, real-life with advertising and newspaper form), and design experience.

Please PM me if you need samples of my work, or have further inquiries; I'd be glad to help.

- Logain

Both of you have been sent PMs, thanks for the interest

Might be of use though the artist doesn't make contacting him/her easy to ask for permission to use the maps (ie: I couldn't find an email address or even a name on the maps or introductory details). At any rate, the last news was in Feb 2006 so I'm guessing the creator has long since stopped posting to the project.

All of the maps I looked at (maybe a quarter of the 60-70 maps that are on there) are of the same clean, simple design. Not photo-realistic style, by any means but they get the job done and offer a wide variety of scenarios...





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