AdEva: A Desperate Time

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AdEva: A Desperate Time

AdEva: A Desperate Time - Forum
Dark Heresy
Ad Closes: Dec 17 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Darkhugh, that is I will be DMing this game. I will not be looking for a co-dm for this game. I have a fair amount of DM experience, though mainly in d20 systems. My experience in the dark heresy system is very limited, meaning this will be a bumpy ride at the start. Though things will begin looking up rather quickly!
Game Description

This will be based in the neon genesis evangelion world, though this will not have any of the characters that are in the anime or manga present. Meaning, you are free to carve your own path.

New NPCs will be added, such as the Commander of Nerv. Meaning the setting will be familiar, but changed enough so that there are a few surprises. Some of the organizations will remains within the game, NERV being a prime example, while some others maybe removed and brand new ones introduced.

As for what time in the plot, the game will begin the first of March 2015.


The game will begin with the pilots being brought to NERV for introductions, they already know many things about their purpose (such as the Neo-Spartan) or have no understanding of what is going on (impact survivor etc). I will allow you to decide how much information your character knows, though there are limits, they can know about the base purpose of NERV (defending the world of angels) though nothing more.

In this game there will be four pilots, though one of the will be designed and played by me. There will also be one operations director, meaning a total of four players (three pilots, one OD).

The game will involved combat inside of the Eva against various opponents, time outside of the EVA with special events and perhaps even combat. I hope to see characters and their relationships to develop into complex things!
What I want!
I am looking for a total of four players, which will be made up of three pilots and one OD. The characters are not limited in their choices as such when creating their character, though if you want to go down strange routes (angel hybrid etc) then please contact me through PM first!
Character creation
We will be following the basic rules for character creation in this game, starting from the bottom and working our way up to the heavens. For assets and draw backs each person can have a minimum of 200 XP spend, and a maximum of 400 XP.

For Eva creations there are some minor changes to give you players a little more freedom when creating your giant counter parts. When rolling for an Evangelionís distinguishing features roll 4d100, then having them you may assign each roll to a specific category. Giving you a bit more freedom in your selection, though still keeping chance in the set up.
Homebrew Rules
Here are a few homebrew rules that will be put into play.
  • When rolling for an Evangelionís distinguishing features roll 4d100, then having the you may assign each roll to a specific category. Giving you a bit more freedom in your selection, though still keeping chance in the set up.
  • All Evas have a 1d10+S, pen 0 natural weapon.
  • Weapon Upgrade Points can be recycled endlessly without cost.
  • S2 organs cannot be researched until the Plot (i.e. DM) unlocks them.
  • Shields provide an additional 3AP to the arm holding them and the body, and deplete when hit by an attack with a penetration greater than 3 as per cover.
  • Every 3 degrees of success on time management count as an extra weekly success.

Details Rules
If you wish to apply feel free to make your way to the game forum and give everything a quick look. You are welcome to ask questions here and in the forum.

I will select the players in just over two weeks, the 17th of December. Then begin play soon after that, as it will be Christmas and New Year please do not expect the game to start of quickly. I will also be out of the country for Christmas, meaning I will most likely not post until I get back (just before new year).

I have no experiences with this nor do I have the books but I would love to play I have alot of pbp and table top experience and would love to expand my knowledge of games.

You can get the AdEva supplement for free and legally on the net I think, while the dark heresy system you would need to buy.

No experience is needed.

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