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Modern Era National Ability Scores

Modern Era National Ability Scores

I call these ‘National Scores’. They’re essentially TINY templates that could work with your urban fantasy D&D twist. All of the information provided by each is just general - no real backgrounds. Right now, no LA (argue if you like, though).

; Good ‘ol fashioned ignorance. -2 wisdom. Americans are infamously uninformed about the world. Their own states are political blocks.
; Melting Pot of Confidence:
- Everyone has a choice about their future, aside from global barriers. Assuming they get the right education.
- Men can choose upon +2 strength, +2 constitution, +2 dexterity, +2 intelligence or +2 charisma
- Females can choose upon +2 dexterity, +2 intelligence, +2 charisma or +2 constitution
; OUR way of life:
- Americans have an additional +1 to resist fear, if a bard incorporates even the most minor of american themes into their bardic music.
; Fact-totum
- Americans can forgo 'OUR way of life' patriotism to remove their wisdom penalty (above). Naturally, they will be considered fact-totum nerds (if they weren't considered hippies in the past).

; Bickering: One thing sets them apart from Americans; Canadians will argue about everything, if it gets a conversation going. They suffer a -2 to sense motive. If base charisma is <=6, the penalty goes away.
;Devotion: Many Canadians are devoted, by whatever means necessary, that will allow others their way of life. +2 to will saves, but character must choose a devotion (non-religious or scientific related). Choosing a devotion means they can't pass up the opportunity to fulfill that devotion when the time comes. It isn't a code of honor or a divine domain.
; Funny, also: +1 diplomacy, -1 intimidate.
; Assimilated? Meh: By living in another country for a few years, Canadians can swap out their previous national template with that nation. When doing so, they lose all other bonuses provided by this template. To swap out again, a canadian must have lived in another country for at least a few years in their life time. There is an in-game month delay between template swapping.

; From Birth: Somalians treat any martial weapon as simple.
; I’m also a Pirate, didn’t you know?: Every Somalian has committed some form of piracy in their lifetimes, often starting at a young age. If a Somalian takes on a non-magical class (rogue, fighter, etc.; any class that has no sp/su abilities, or spells), they acquire a seafaring skill. They have a +2 to profession (sailor) and profession (sailor) is now a class skill for them. If a somalian is ECL 5 or greater, they must have at least 3 levels in a non-magical class, in order to acquire this benefit.

; Well, simply, I suppose, I just, terribly, well...: Centuries of ‘civilized’ behavior has taxed social skills through generations. -2 charisma.
; Indeed!: Although they may agree with everyone else, the British of the past 200 years are quaint observers, and what would the world be without the BBC? +2 wisdom.

; Hardcore, roight mate?:

Fill in the blanks.

Ozy's not kidding. If it were anyone other than you, imp, I'd call this trolling.

But you have a habit of trying to stat out anything and everything, no matter how mundane or retarded. This, however, not your finest moment.

The only thing close enough to being true that it's even funny is the "incorporate anything about america into their music" bit.

Which does give me a thought- would patriotic music give circumstance bonuses to a performance when performed for members of that nation? It'd make sense. I can think of a lot of crap music that was never any good to begin with, but was well recieved because it was "patriotic". And even I'm guilty of being touched by the Star Spangled Banner- even when it's sung by someone who should have their voice box removed for the same reason you neuter tomcats.

Stereotypes are an interesting subject. Like how do they get started and all. As far as the Star Spangled Banner is concerned, getting the words right is slightly more important than having a decent singing voice.

Elizabeth W.
American and proud of it.

Don't put him off yet, I'm waiting for the rest of Europe and South America to see how bad this can get.

Hey, hey, hey, I'm British and I TOTALLY resent those above stats! We should have something about our ability to stand patiently in line as well ;P Small resistance to a bull rush attempt? Ooooh, a tiny bonus to Profession (Tea Making Person)?

Originally Posted by Maxwell View Post
I find this highly amusing. Do France next!
If anyone wants 3.5e "racial" stats for lesbians, just let me know.


Wouldn't that be more of a prestige class than a race?


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