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New Path

Both are pretty easy to learn. But Storyteller is easier to build a character and get started. It doesn't have the spread of features that GURPS does.

GURPS is a MUCH broader system- can do just about anything. Not always very good. But does the job. Everything from fistfights to starships.

Storyteller is limitted to a human, or not especially above human, levels. It loses scale at right about "elephant". Including the kinds of weapons that kill elephants. Really, the world of darkness weapon system in general is pretty laughable.

But if you're planning for a stealth/paranoia/horror game. It is the better system.

I honestly haven't seen a GURPS book in stores in forever. I recommend you get online. There's nothing you can't buy a PDF of these days.

That helps me a great deal. I think I will go with nWoD for now. I'll look into it more. Thank you for your insight. ^^

I'm glad that you decided to switch systems for this. D20 can be very flexible, but level based systems don't work for everything.

Point based character systems can be a lot more flexible (up to and including GURPS, where you really need to like math, but you can do some absolutely phenomenal things)

Don't like math... Math don't like me... Why do we keep meeting like this? Why do we keep doing this... To each other?

lol... Um... Yeah, that pretty much settles it for me unless someone has a really strong argument for another system.

Learning nWoD will be quite the hurdle, but I have been waiting to play this story for years and I'm closer now than ever.

Keep your eyes open and keep moving forward. You never know when your next step might be the start of a New Path!

You could try Tri-Stat... It's what BESM was based off of, and the system permits's also completely free and open source.

I'm a big fan of GURPS myself, but it does have tough intro learning curve, the advantage though, is that once you're in, you never need another system again.

I will also heavilly suggest you hit up the MW GUIDES linked in my and so many other's signatures.

Vol 1-4 are pretty much essential and will also give you super powers, not overnight mind you, but you'll have access to all the tools you need to make a great game.

Again, I really stress GURPS is the best around, but I'd be lying if I said it was easy to learn, however, it is VERY EASY to play. And it's not even hard to learn, it's just a lot of reading is all, because you have to understand the wide variety of options and know how to find them.


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