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Spell interpretation

Spell interpretation

I have an interpretation question about the Cleric spell Make Whole.

It states that it can be used on one object up to 10 cu feet per level.

My players asked me if that means they can fix a broken section of a much larger object if the broken section is less than the maximum volume. Say by placing two pieces of a pillar into position, can they make it one pillar again?

I'm concerned that this could have Larger Implications later in the game, but I don't want to arbitrarily stop them from solving their problem with this spell just because I'm vague on a spell interpretation.

I would appreciate any input experienced players and DM's have on this question.


By my interpretation, such a use would be beyond the capabilities of the spell as written. However, if you are comfortable with the precedent, most notably including the possible task of policing the spell (or any spell with similar limitations) in the future to prevent the precedent from being abused, then I don't see this particular instance as being significantly problematic in its own right.

edit: if they have access to it, Stone Shape might be better suited to this task

also, if of questionable relevance to your particular fantasy setting, most stone pillars of ancient times were constructed of stacked blocks or disks, nominally representing separate 'pieces'. As such, if this pillar was constructed using by similar methods, a single broken section would likely be well within the scope of their ability to Make Whole

IMO the entire object needs to fit within the spell's capacity. A pillar that extends beyond these limits falls outside the spell's range.

Excellent point about the pillar, I'm leaning towards not allowing it because of what you say Cthulhu, the object in question (actually not a pillar) is too large, and is actually one solid object.

And as far as policing it goes, it has distinct implication in very similar situations later on down the road, so I guess my instinct here is to not allow it.

Thanks guys.

It's a fair interpretation. Of course, a good metamagic or two could allow it to overcome the size of the pillar.

Ooh good point, I almost never get into meta-magic, so I completely overlooked it. I'll point that out if the players object.

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