Town of Brindinford


Large town
Population: 4,807 Mixed (human 79%, halfling 9%, elf 5%, dwarf 3%, gnome 2%, half-elf 1%, half-orc 1%)
Authority Figures: Baron Euphemes II


The Keep and Silver Hill
Character: Wealthy, elite
Businesses: Luxury goods, library.
Prices: Double normal, except for masterwork items.
Gold Piece Limit: 5,000 gp.
Buildings: Free-standing estates.
Guard Detail: Four town guards on fair patrol, Lieutenant Shella and veteran guard (day) or two veteran guards (night) in the keep.

Ford North
Character: Holy Quarter

Chatterstreet Market
Character: Bustling market

Character: Rough and tumble, transients
Businesses: Inns, taverns, merchant warehouses, entertainment, provisioners.
Prices: Normal.
Gold Piece Limit: 1,000 gp.
Buildings: Row houses, freestanding warehouses and outdoor businesses, free-standing inns with yards.
Guard Detail: Four town guards at East Gate, four town guards on fair patrol.

West Hill
Character: Eccentric, intellectual

Character: Poor, rough
Businesses: Undesirable (dyers, perfumeries, tanners).
Prices: Normal.
Gold Piece Limit: 500 gp.
Buildings: Row houses, free-standing businesses.
Fair Patrol: Two town guards at Southspur Gate, two town guards on Southspur Street.

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